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Wednesday, 04 October 2017


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Ordered! Tell Gordon I was a fan of his blog and I really like this image. Most of my display space at home is taken up with my own images. . . it takes a while living with the prints to know whether one of mine is any good. Most aren't. But it takes my walls as a proving ground to demonstrate that fact. And that's OK.

In a sense, Mr. Lewis's print _is_ one I have been "living" with for a while. I first came across it here at TOP, saw it reprinted in "Why Prints Work" and have returned to it from time to time. Every time I think I have it "figured out" there is something new I notice -- the woman's lifted left foot, the way my mind insists on making figures out of the concrete wall repairs, the color palate that makes it appear initially like one of the monochrome images I like so well -- only to surprise with red and yellow bits where my mind isn't "expecting" it.

I hadn't thought of this before, but perhaps it is those surprises that make the picture so wonderful. I have a theory that comedy is rooted in part in the mind's intrinsic delight at a sudden, pleasant surprise. Well, this picture isn't funny in any sense, but it does give a similar sense of enjoyment -- not as a whollop, but as a series of "pings" of pleasure that add up to something really special.

Thanks to you all for sending this new series out into the world.

Very excited....first time I've ever bought a photo print. Looking forward to its arrival in rainy England.

Ordered. I regretted not buying at the first opportunity and I am grateful to have another chance.

Nice price, thanks Gordon. My second TOP print, after the Lincoln Memorial.

I _knew_ I shouldn't get excited by this sale. My new job fell through so I'm scrounging for part time hours to cover the rent... Foo. At least there will be a nice number of folks getting a gorgeous print at a wonderful price. Thank for continuing to do this, Mike, and someday, someway, I'll get a chance to take part too.

I have standardized on this paper for the last few years (it was previously called FibaPrint® Warm Cotton Gloss 335gsm) with my Epson printers, currently a P800.

It is a lovely paper and works particularly well when producing monochrome prints. Colour prints are fine too, once you accept the tonal differences the paper gives you.

Thanks to both Gordon and Mike for offering this wonderful print again. I agonized over missing the opportunity the first time, so I didn't hesitate this time around.

Is there any way to have gift prints sent to an address other than the PayPal-approved one?
If not, I guess it's no big deal to re-label them and send them on.

[Sure, just put the instructions in the comment box when you make the PayPal payment. Or just email Gordon about it. --Mike]

Ordered. Thanks to TOP and Gordon for offering the print again. Now I can stop kicking myself for passing on this the first time.

Ordered! I'm finishing a complete basement renovation and will finally have a good place to display all the TOP prints I've gotten over the years. :)

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