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Saturday, 07 October 2017


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"Nothing in the pipeline"?

Maybe "Best Photo From A Moving And/Or Stationary Hoffman, If Such A Thing Is In Fact Possible", or best effort.

For ideas, see Jalopnik, "What It's Like To Drive The Worst Car Ever Built", https://jalopnik.com/what-its-like-to-drive-the-worst-car-ever-built-1735448480

"Re the Curse of the Loaner Cameras, it's rainy with leaden dull gray skies again here today...gulp!"

That's only a curse if you do not live where there are no clouds in the sky for months and months.... and months. I'm never more excited than on a rainy day with lovely soft light gray clouds!

Mike, it is ironic that you are complaining about the rainy weather while having your loaner camera. Let me just emphasize that there is never a bad time to take photographs. Even at high noon, you can find some good bounced light in one nook or the other, and since I live in Los Angeles, the few times it rains here, I get excited about the photographic opportunities. Just pretend you just arrived in your town on a vacation and photograph as you would if that was the case.

" it's rainy with leaden dull gray skies again here today.." means that there's soft light everywhere, water drops, clean slick wet surfaces... If there aren't some interesting rainy day photos to be had, you're just not looking hard enough.,

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