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Saturday, 14 October 2017


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I couldn't find Succos. However Wikipedia has it as a possible pronunciation of Sukkot.
Very interesting holiday, seems to be around the same time as Canadian thanksgiving.

Succos is the Ashkenazi pronunciation. In modern Hebrew it’s Sukkot, with the emphasis on the 2nd syllable.

Same for Shabbos (Ashkenazi or Eastern European pronunciation) vs. Shabbat (Sephardi, or modern Israeli Hebrew) for שבת.

hi there from israel,
"Succos" is same as sukot. it is pronunced little different by Yidish speakers, like ultra ortodox jewish people. the holyday is about the Exodos from egypt. To the memory of the "houses" the israelites built while on the way (back) to the land of canaan. it is 14 days after the beigning of the Hebrew Year.

Succos is the Diaspora Jewish pronunciation of Succot, the Israeli pronunciation of the Feast of Tabernacles. The Holiday consists of tThe opening two days of compete abstinence from work (as Orthodox Jewry practices it) followed by six "Intermediate Days", where work is permitted but have special prayers, ended by two more days of work abstinence. Since B&H is owned by Ultra Orthodox Hassidic Jews, they are closed for the whole spiel. The whole process is repeated on Passover. This year the holiday was especially long since the first and last two Holidays were each followed by Shabbos (diaspora pronunciation) or Shabbat.

Sukkot is the ancient harvest festival. It is traditionally celebrated by having your meals in a temporary structure, called a sukkah, often in your backyard or on your deck. Many temples will have a community sukkah. A traditional characteristic of a sukkah is that you can see th stars thru the incomplete roof, which is often made from straw. The word “sukkah” means booth or shack, and it represents the temporary housing that farmers used during the harvest as they worked the fields. Sukkot is the p,heal of sukkah.

As stated above, the “holy” days of the festival are the beginning and end, but B&H apparently makes it a work holiday to shut down for the duration. Observant Jews can and do work during the middle days.

Can anyone tell me how many days in a year B&H takes as holidays?

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