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Friday, 29 September 2017


A Woman's Bed, Logan, Ohio, 1970. [On the right in the three pictures above —Ed.]

That picture alone will challenge most anyone's conception of what the medium of photography can be about...

I look forward to Mike's A6000 review. I've owned an NEX-5, NEX-7, A6000 and A6300 -- the last three paired only with the Sony/Zeiss lens. For me they are "walking around" and "always in the car" point and shoot cameras and have delivered many very nice images.

I'll be fascinated to read what you think of that zoom....

I'm not a big low-res fan, but I have to admit that the IOWA pictures are powerful.

Fuzziness, like anything, can be taken too far. Once, a friend showed me a postcard with an art photo which was just blurriness showing nothing except a bit of color change in a corner. He said to me: "Isn't this just a bit too much too little?" And that was just what it was.

OK Mike, ya pounded me flat. I ordered a copy of Iowa, despite declaring an embargo on new books (which has not gone well so far). I know nothing about it. Never heard of it. Don't care what camera was used to make the pictures. Ya got me with "If you liked Saul Leiter you'll probably like Iowa." I do.

For me, ironic and amusing, since I try to create images like that all the time with a DSLR. Interesting work. Her subjects must be perplexed when they ask to see the images she took.


Thanks Mike for the mention..very nice review! I'll forward it on to Nancy in case she hasn't read it.

BTW, I’ll soon be headed off to the middle of the Pacific Ocean for several weeks, probably with the A6500 and that Sony-Zeiss 16-70 as my primary rig. It should be an excellent combo in terms of size and performance. I’ve been using it occasionally for a while.

I've had "Iowa" in my Amazon wish list since it was published earlier this month. Your review pushed me to finally order it. The book came on my radar several years back. At the time I was playing with pinhole and Holga toy cameras but I never really accomplished much of value with them. Still, I have admired Rexroth's work ever since. Looking forward to getting the reissue.

"...the Zeiss/Sony (Sony/Zeiss?) 16–70mm ƒ/4 lens." I have seen the term "Zony" used to describe this lens.

This 16-70mm might be a great solution for use as a wide-range walk around lens with an A7R2 in crop mode. There isn't such an offering for the camera in full-frame mode, and there are many times that 42 megapixels is simply overkill. I eagerly await your review!

Now where did I put my Diana?

My copy (of Iowa) should be here any day. You are an impeccable recommender of photo-books, so I ordered it when you mentioned it earlier.

(Someday, you might consider a 'Mike's hundred best' so we can see what we are still missing!)

Bruce McL said: "Zony" ... My question: Is that tony? Or just too cute by half? I like word games, but would never want to appear gauche 8-)

I was one of the first to buy a Sony NEX 5n. I had to buy it with the unwanted (and never used) Kit Zoom, because the body only was not available yet. I replaced the large kit lens with a small 16mm prime. I loved it! It was even better than sliced bread. While shooting video, you could pull focus with the touch-screen—W0W!!.

I've not been tempted by another Sony crop camera—no wide primes available except the 16mm I own, and the huge Zeiss Touit 12mm.

BTW for all you TOP epicures, a chunck of bread torn from a baguette and smeared with chunky peanut butter makes a great snack—no sliced bread needed.

I believe that the "added" tones in the pictures in the last chapter represent her using different processes, such as platinum/palladium and getting prints with those tones and wanting them in the reissue. Also, it seems as though Nancy had full input. Maybe newer printing methods allowed her to make them as she had wanted to. I thumbed my original copy to death so this is a wonderful treat.

Hurrah! I found my copy of the original. The reissue is cleaner and the prints a wee bit bigger but very faithful. Fun to compare.

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