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Thursday, 21 September 2017


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How wonderful. This book did exactly what you said and sent me out to buy a Diana. Actually, two friends and I ordered a gross of them, kept twelve each, and sold the rest at our cost. That’s how popular they were at the time, we had no trouble selling them...in Vermont. I loved the look and feel of the unreliable lens smearing here and oddly sharp there.

Then, along came digital and I closed my darkroom and missed the look. I tried the Lensbaby but it wasn’t the same. Then Holga started selling just the lens from the old Holga camera and making it mountable on almost any Dslr. Joy! I have been using one on both Micro 4/3 cameras and Sony’s. The look is still there, but what it does to color is even better. It sort of smears them and the results are lovely. On Olympus cameras especially.

We go to Provence every summer and I shoot about half of my pictures there with the Holga lens. People who saw my pictures liked the Holga ones as much as ones shot with the Panasonic 12-35mm. They never said anything about the lack of sharpness.

I wrote: "Note that the viewfinder was horrible. I placed them near the center but, as you can see, they were off to the right."

One more comment. I am very glad that the viewfinder was poor in this case. I like the photo much more than I would have if I had gotten what I had thought I was framing. :-)

Ever wondered what Nancy Rexroth's A Woman's Bed, Logan, Ohio, 1970 sounds like? Blake Andrews obliges: http://blakeandrews.blogspot.com.au/2009/06/i-took-nancy-rexroth-shot-of-womans-bed.html

I have the book sitting in front me. Lovely thing.

Thanks James M. for posting that strange audio file, which I'd nearly forgotten about. I was on a serious Iowa kick at the time I wrote that. The images were often near the top of my thoughts but the actual book was hard to find. And so was Nancy. But I wound up tracking her down eventually, and a lengthy interview a few months later. It might be of interest for Iowa fans. (http://blakeandrews.blogspot.com/2011/02/q-with-nancy-rexroth.html).

I'm happy to see the book republished. It's long overdue and very welcome. I will have a full review of the book posted on the Photo-Eye blog sometime in the next week or so.

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