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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


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The high in Huntington Beach CA was in the mid 70s. The high for California was 86 in Needles.

Something is not right with this picture ;-)

Here in Southern California September has always been the real August. We hated to go back to school because September was always hot and the high school I attended was built in 1929 and had no air conditioning. It did have monster windows in the classrooms and we would open them to let the hot air in. It was that or sweat to death.

Looking at the temperature graph I see that on 10 of 18 days the high temperature was average or below average and 13 of 18 days had low temperatures that were average or below. On average you have had a cool month.

Like the weather, D76 is perfect at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here in West Yorkshire its around 14-17 centigrade this week. We've had Jumpers on, fires in the evening, and an extra blanket, for a week or so now. Some birches and oaks on the hillside are starting their annual detox, and yesterday moirning we had the first proper autumn mist. I'm just not designed for hot weather - and find late summer photographically dull - so am really looking forward to autumn and winter.

Climate change is a contradiction in terminis.

Has climate ever been constant? Climate is variable by definition.

Just send your money to your government and they’ll control the sun.

Here in Hong Kong we are still having heat warnings in September. And a lot of them.

I agree with you and DRJ that 68F/20C is the perfect temperature. Through out the Summer the maximum temperature of my tap water here in ROC is 68F/20C. Kodak is just down the road. Coincidence? I think not.

An appalachian chair seems appropiate for the location.

Great photo! Good enough for a photo sale, perhaps?

It's Fall in Texas! Know what that means? Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Still mid-90s outside ...

Here in Sydney September is the new October - summer is coming early. We've got 36C (97f) forecast for Saturday. If we hit it that'll beat our hottest recorded September day (26 Sept 1965) by a couple of degrees C. Too hot for me - I'm with you that 20C is about perfect.

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