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Monday, 18 September 2017


Three-legged kitten eh?

How about "Tripod?"

Back in my assisting days, I was a regular at a studio with a resident black and white cat names T-Max.

An uncle back in Cedar Rapids once a had a mean weimaraner that everybody called "that sonofabitch." From hanging around news photographers for twenty-five years, I often heard the same appellation applied to them. Is that the kind of thing you were thinking of?

No, but when I was younger my dad's alcoholic aunt and uncle (they both drank heavily) had a cat named Seagrams and a dog named Falstaff! My dad said as long as he can remember, all of his aunt and uncle's pets were named for brands of beer and liquor!

I worked for a few summers in my youth some 45 years ago on a dude ranch in Wyoming. One summer, a three-legged dog showed up, and the ranch hands started feeding it scraps of food from the staff mess hall.

Next, someone called the dog "tripod". The name instantly stuck with both staff and dude ranch guests.

I was already smitten with photography as a serious hobby, so both the dog and its name became etched into my permanent "photographic" memory.

No doubt one of your Florida readers will have a pet alligator called Snapper! ;)

No. My cat is called Samuel. It has nothing to do with photography. But the fellow who develops and scans my film has a cat called Flash. Unfortunately, turns out it has been named after Flash Gordon.
(Coincidentally, my only piece of equipment I've named is a flash gun; I called it 'Gordon.')

I suppose "Shadow" is a stretch ... otherwise, I got nuthin'.

I can't claim a pet with a photo-related name, but my father, who had studied mathematics in college and became a programmer and database developer, once named one of our cats Fahji Logic. We just called him Fuzzy.

I had a gopher snake named monopod

Sorry I have no examples of that, but I have a joke instead.

A three-legged dog walks into a bar and says, "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw."

Does "tripod" count? I know of two three legged dogs named tripod.

I shudder to think about it.

According to this list the most popular name for a dog is Bailey.

The most famous dogs however must be Black & White.
(Well, at least fur us alcoholics).

Box Brownie would be an excellent name for a brown boxer, especially since there is a real resemblance.

For other dogs I would suggest Pixel for small ones and Bokeh for big ones. “Bokeh sit!”

The Mrs. and kids refer to our quiet little black dog as Licorice, but when no one else is around ... she responds to Leica.

Not photo related, but we raised a pig on our NH farm in the mid-70's. We named him Nixon thinking we'd be less attached to him when it was time to take him to the slaughterhouse.

My wife and I adopted a gray kitten 2 years ago. I wanted to name her either Grayscale or 128 (even though she is more like 65). Wife would have no part of it.
Our previous set of cats were/are Apple, Mac, and Tosh.
Next cat could be either Scheimpflug or Inverse Square.

The first animal to orbit the earth was called Laika – which is almost there. Although I gather it translates roughly as "barker" rather than anything camera related.

Back in Mexico we had a lovely cat named "Ilford"

A friend of my son's had a dog that on an IQ scale was probably a moron - his name was Lug Nut.

My father-in-law told a story about the lady who owned a boarding-house back in the day. She had two dogs, Soap and Water and she always like to say that her dinner plates were as clean as soap and water could get them...

Well, I thought it was funny...

Years ago I shared a darkroom with a photographer who had a small dog he named Easton, which, as every one of us film-era dinosaurs should know, was the middle name of Ansel Adams.

Not pets but children of family friend: daughter named Mercedes, and son Linhof.

My terrier cross is called Flash.

I once had a cat named Summicron.

My wife at the time named our other cats, a dog, and a bird after her mother's various pills.

I used to name cats after artists—I had a Miro and a Claws Oldenburg—but no photo-related pets.

I had a cat called Dr Bokeh. My mate Herb Asherman has a dog called Leica.

Not really a pet, but we called my son Cyan. Eleven years on he loves his name as much as we love him.

Not photographic, but I had a crow named Jim and a jay named Elbe.

I once met a black cat called Amidol. The owner was a very traditional large format photographer.

No one with a dog named "Hector?"

Autocorrect got me - it should be "Hektor"

I remember Will Robb from PDML who had two rottweilers named Rollei and Leica. Very cool IMHO.

Late to this party, but I wanted to add my personal favorites.

Twenty-eight years ago we adopted a scrawny pup, a border collie, from the Humane Society. He was black and white so we named him Ansel. He turned out to be a most wonderful dog. And he started us on our fascination with border collies.

As Ansel started to age we added another BC and named him Cartier, another most wonderful dog. Then came Minor whom we lost too early, followed by Thea (Dorothea). Thea is now the leader of the Black and White pack. Ernie (for Ernst Haas) is now second in command and is charged with getting play sessions and hikes started. The 4 1/2 month old pup recently added is named Capa and his main task is being a little outlaw while being extraordinarily good looking.

Border collies are fascinating in many ways but intelligence is foremost. We have at least a couple of cars around here which have a bumper sticker saying, "My border collie is smarter than your 4.0 honor student."

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