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Tuesday, 12 September 2017


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Without in any way diminishing the devastation of the recent hurricanes, we might also want to recognize the impact of the recent very large earthquake in Mexico, and extend concern, caring, and condolences there as well. It's not quite as close to home, but the death toll in Mexico is higher than from both Harvey and Irma in the U.S. It's been a very bad few weeks.

Seconded from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Long time reader, first time commenter. REALLY, liked this. Originally from Boston but have been in Central Florida for the better part of 40 years. Have been through many Florida “Cats” as we call them in the insurance industry but the past 10 days have been historically unnerving for myself and my family. On 9/2 at the EXACT moment I was physically (I NEVER DO THIS always the app) my beloved Nest thermostat a bolt of lightning hit the roof of our home. Killing everything electrical including our central a/c and sending a very large static shock up my right arm. Burn marks on soffets, holes blown out of block walls, 1 entry hole and 4 exits in the roof and all. Adjuster quote “most complete strike in 30 years where the house is not ashes”. 7 days later we are bracing for the largest most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. I live in Lakeland, Fl so we enjoyed the eye and everything that comes with. We are blessed with never having a flicker in our power. Friends won’t have juice for another 10 days and in Florida, in September, that equals misery. All of this to say, I have learned some very truthful things this week. 1). selflessness is a true gift to those receiving and those giving. I met people for the first time this week and we have lived across the street from them for 17 YEARS! As neighbors, we came together for each other! 2) women are so much stronger than they are frequently “mis”-perceived. My wife is a rock I could not imagine life without her. 3). Friends and family are all we REALLY have and all we truly need.

I guess is say all of this to surmise a realization. Photography is a passion of mine and so is reading, neither of which I am particularly good (or poor) at. I photograph to create and read to relax and learn. TOP gives me both consistently. Thanks you from me and my family for your thoughts and I am sure there are many more out there much worse off than we are who, when the power comes back, will see and say the same.

The US press hasn't delved too deeply into the consequences of the horrific 8.1 earthquake in Mexico.

Thanks, Mike. Here in Atlanta, hundreds of miles from the coast, we had quite a storm. A couple of folks died here, though we personally lost only a half fridge worth of goodies, due to loss of power. And you were the Offline Photographer for a period.

Amen Mike !
I don't care what anyone calls it or denies it ... Collective "civilized" humanity, is going to have to get used to adapting,dealing, and coping with A changing atmosphere! We have abused our our planet, our home, for too long...

If anyone has access to shortwave equipment and it can receive USB/LSB, if you go to arrl.org (the American Radio Relay League) web site, they post information on hurricane net times and frequencies. These are all volunteers that give of their time and their stations to get information into and out of the affected areas. For the first time this year, FEMA has set up shared interoperability frequencies with amateur (ham) radio operators, so information can be passed between private and government users directly.

If you are a licensed amateur, please remember to keep all these frequencies clear, and do not transmit unless you can clearly assist with a relay or helping deliver traffic. Also, remember the WX-Talk group on EchoLink. Connect in listen-mode only. The National Hurricane Center, WX4NHC is running that net. Check the ARRL site often for updates.


-- Dave, N8SBE

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