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Saturday, 16 September 2017


I'm so sorry, Mike.

First immerse yourself in at least an hour of great music. Just listen, hear all the instruments. Focus. Finish with your favorite beverage. Just one. Savor it.

Now take a deep breath and start a photo project. If you can't think of anything begin a 365 until something emerges. The more immersed you get in something creative the better. Writing a blog doesn't count. That's just work.

Count yourself lucky you didn't end up on tvtropes.com ;)

Mike, boy, wolf, nuff said!

I particularly like the video associated with the Model T picture above, almost convinced me to try to find one for a winter project.

May still happen if I'm not careful.

Oh, damn! I finally was going to succumb to watching Russian dash cam videos, and yet your link (slyly) redirects to an article on healthy vision when aging, with emphasis on just stepping away from the computer. Intentional, or that last thing you meant to write about? I'm off to find that cup of coffee I just set down...

Sell the cameras, sell the audiophile gear, and get yourself a 1927 Model T Coupe. Chop the top to make it a little more streamlined and a lot more sporty.

During the 1970s my neighbor round-tripped his 27 T coupe from South Pasadena, CA to Buffalo NY. The engine was stock, but it did have a reversed Chevy gearbox for an overdrive.

Prevarication and obfuscation, plus recycling are the bloggers friends. You could keep writing TOP without owning a camera 8-)

Many photobloggers seem to do just fine with loaned cameras, prevarication, obfuscation and opinions recycled from DPReview commenters. ;-)

It's interesting to search for dashcam videos by country. For instance "chinese dashcam" turns up totally something else.

Mike, unlike Jonathan, I did succumb to the Russian dashcam videos. Even though I should know better I wasted much too much time on them and it's all your fault!!!
You do realize the reason for all the dashcams is because of all the accidents and road insanity (a lot of drinking and driving over there). Before anybody complains about my remark--I'm half Russian and know many immigrants from there.

My name is Steve, and I am a tubeaholic.

I can't resist Jay Leno's garage, or the Motortrend channel, but my worst addiction is the B&W USAAF and USAF (post war) movies on how to fly various WW2 and cold war planes...


Addiction has strange bedfellows. Watching the Russian driving
accident YouTube tells me every other operator of any size motor vehicle is out to kill me. Some use their own vehicle as a weapon others simply drive as if they want to be in the afterlife, first, before anybody else.And take you with them.
Then too lousy driving conditions excaberated by a massive influx of vehicles in the last few years combined with the attitude anybody behind the controls can operate said vehicle in all situations.

Sort of like operating these new state of the art digital based cameras "anybody can operate same right out of the box." NOT!

Be careful out there, if the roads arer treacherous ask yourself "is this trip necessary?" Ditto if you're not feeling well.

[Amen, Bryce. --Mike]

I try to stay away from youtube for the same reasons. Jay Leno's Garage McLaren F1 and Vincent Black Shadow episodes are my favorites, and I am more a Letterman guy than a Leno...

YouTube has gotten really good at seeking out what you (and others with similar tastes to you) like and showing them to you. It seems their algorithms have gotten really good in the past year or two. It's now as bad as TVTropes or Wikipedia in terms of following down the link-rabbit-hole.

Mike, contact Mark Osterman at the George Eastman Museum. He's just finishing his Model T roadster and is driving it to work... it's perfectly in tune with his hand-made photography practice. And making ambrotypes is a nice change from worrying about the next camera...

I am a convert to web-blocking apps. I use Freedom (no experience with others -- they may be as good or better). Turn it on for an hour and marvel at how much you can get done when not bombarded with email, enticed by Youtube, etc.

Ahhh You Tube, it is an evil time vampire. It has pretty much replace TV for me. And I love Jay Leno's Garage

After a while and even the rush of the crazy russian dashcams has worn off and you need a fix of some hardcore you tube freakiness all I can say is google dr pimple popper and strap in.

My youtube Watch Later list has 400 videos in it. I will probably not get to them all before I die

The other night, after watching a flick on Netflix, for some reason I decided to dive into Russell Peters videos on YouTube. I could have been processing film, not to mention trying to organize my archive of negatives and transparencies.

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