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Thursday, 10 August 2017


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Nothing they can do for the pain? Sure there is. Pull the tooth. Pain will be gone instantly. I had the same problem a few yrs ago with one of my teeth. Dentist said I could spend a fortune on saving the tooth or $200 and have it extracted and he advised that was the better solution.

You must have a heck of a long driveway...

Could you not just have the tooth pulled? If the toothache is from an infection try a piece of garlic up against it. Worked for me and I bet my teeth are in worse shape than yours. I even pulled one of mine a few weeks ago. Instant relief.

Yes, frownie face. My wife just had a cracked molar extracted last week. And, like you, we now wait the advice of a surgeon. I really wish, in middle age, we could just go to something like a Mayo clinic of dental care, live on campus, get everything done, and then it's just cleanings for another decade or so. None of this running from local specialist to specialist over the months.

Ouch. I have felt you pain...several times, in fact. Some years back I had a tooth that also had undergone extensive preservative rennovation only to eventually develop what was determined to be a hairline fracture in the root. It had to be surmised as it could not be seen on xrays probably because it was at right-angles to the beam. Every couple of years it would become painfully infected and require medication until finally one year it was excruciating and threatened to invade my sinuses. Out it had to come. The final pain of seeing thousands of dollars yanked out of my face was even more excruciating.

I wish you luck with your unruly molar. It always seemed like summer is a particularly crummy season for dental pain...if any season could be worsee than another.

Sorry to hear about the dental pain, Mike; it can REALLY get the attention, can't it! BTW I tried to follow that link to Scott's pictures, and got a 404 on flickr...

The tooth issue strikes home with we old folks. I am reminded of a line in the 80s(?) movie "Peggy Sue Got Married" when the Kathleen Turner character gets transported from her adult world back to her childhood. She asks her father for some words of wisdom on what he would do differently in his life, expecting some pithy odservation. He thinks a bit and responds, "I'd take better care of my teeth". Wise words indeed!

Good luck with the oral surgery.....

My sympathy Mike, tooth pain is the worst! I've had a number of split molars, which my dentist put down to grinding in my sleep due to stress. He also concluded my teeth had a tendency to develop vertical fissures. Capping at the first sign of a fissure can save the tooth.

A splint might help prevent further problems developing, saving you from losing more teeth and money. Talk with your dentist. Relaxation and meditation may also be useful.

When you consider each tooth can cost the equivalent of a dream lens or holiday, any preventive measures are a good investment.

I probably put $10,000 into a single tooth over more than 40 years -- A neglected cavity (that I didn't even know about ) broke through to the root in 1968, and after a root canal, I continued to have problems, stubbornly trying to save it. Four years ago, I had it pulled and had a peg implanted. The bone grew around the peg, and about a year after the peg was implanted, I got a new tooth. Works fine, no pain, no problems. But, as you say, it wasn't cheap.

Mike, use this short link for the Flickr album:
it fits into the column width of the blog, while the expanded form (what you see in the URL line of a browser) does not. Maybe that is why some are getting 404 errors, from a truncated link.

On teeth -- I stopped paying attention to regular dental care when I went off to grad school. Let things go for a few years, and the result was a river of fillings in my molars. Ever since, something breaks away about every two years, and I have to keep my fingers crossed while we see just how deep the damage goes... But that was not the sort of experience that I stopped in to share. We had a great discussion on subjects like the Amish and Mennonites all around, and the sometimes delicate tradeoffs that keep TOP full of interesting opinions contributed in a collaborative spirit.

Plus, the Finger Lakes look just amazing from three to five thousand feet elevation.

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