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Friday, 11 August 2017


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I have an Eliott Erwitt and a Peter Turnley (TOP print sale) in my living room. My own photo of two cows looking over a fence which hangs in our downstairs powder room gets more and better comments than either!!
Hmm.... there's room for research in this one!

Great picture.
I bought a print in the original offering, then his book, and now look forward (and pay attention) to any of his comments.

I'd be interested in two.

Sure, I'd make a purchase, and also mention it on other places. Could/should it be "marketed" more heavily in the locale in which it was taken? Or in other rainy spots?? Good luck, I predict it will be a hit, in greater numbers than the first time around...

That is a lovely picture, well worth a wider audience.

Very interested. Thanks.

I did not have the scratch to buy Precipitation the first time around, and have lamented that ever since. I am a definite sale, and would be happy to spread the word on social media.

A Gordon Lewis Second Edition print sale?

Yes please.


I've missed a handful of TOP print offers due to being totally off the grid for the duration of the print offers. The one print I have most regretted being unable to buy was this one! Yes, count me in!

Yes, please!

I am certainly interested.

I missed the first one, so yes.

This is the print that I've always kicked myself for not getting. I would jump at the chance to get it.

Yes please.

This is my "retirement budget" speaking. I'd definitely buy it at $100, possibly at $150, and not likely at $200.00. While your at this, please see if Roy Feldman wants to do a similar printing of his Barbershop photo please. I think about that one all the time. I really do like the umbrella photo enough purchase it as well though.

Very much yes, thanks!

Yes most definitely!

Yes, please

Yes. Missed it the first time and have regretted not buying it every time I have seen it again.

Oh the problems of judging thing on screen . . .

I wasn't convinced by the JPEG for the original offer.

The ~6x8" version in Why Photographs Work changed my mind.

I believe I'd like an 11x14"

Sure, I'd recommend it elsewhere, although I don't have as many elsewheres as many people.

Yes, I'd be interested - it's one of my favorites.

I fell in love with this photo when I first saw it and I've regretted not purchasing it ever since. Please offer it again.

Oh well, I already wrote you once that Gordon's photograph is the one I regret most not having been able to buy from TOP, and this time I will not miss it, guaranteed. And for what is worth, I can certainly advertise the sale in my Facebook page.


I foolishly convinced myself I couldn't afford it the first time around - and have regretted my decision. A second chance? Yes please! Count me in for one.

I like the photo but I don't think I'll buy a print.

Yes, definitely interested.

I would certainly be interested, providing that the total cost including international postage would not exceed $200 (much). I might even if it did, but would have to think harder about it...

I have regretted not buying that print, so provided I don't have any financial disasters I would love to buy one!


I was one of your guests who lamented not buying the print the first time around. I would appreciate another opportunity to purchase a print and I certainly will publicize that opportunity, if Gordon decides to offer it, on my blog.

Also, I would ask Gordon permission to reproduce it, with appropriate credit of course, so my readers would clearly understand what a marvelous image it is.

Yes, this is also one of my regrets. I'd welcome a second chance.

I expect I'd spring for one, I don't really frequent other venues where I'd be able to promote it to a likely interested audience, however.


I'm definitely interested!


Yes, the photo is beautiful. I'd buy at least one.


Our walls are cluttered with photographs and paintings, but I'd love add 'Precipitation' to our collection.

I was sorry I didn't take advantage of the original sale. I would definitely be interested in a copy.

yes!!! I missed the first one and have regretted since then. I would buy it in a heartbeat!

I've wanted to indulge in print offerings so many times but the job I currently have is unable to even pay all my normal bills each month. That said, I interview next Wednesday for a different position at a significantly higher rate of pay. If I get it it, I would dearly love to buy a copy of that print as a celebration of my ability to do so.

I'll look forward to the opportunity.


I have kicked myself several times for passing up on this one the first time around. Count me in.

Very likely.

Yes please, my copy via TOP was 'lost' in a house move so the opportunity to replace it would be welcome.

Love the image and would definitely buy a print.

Yes, and Yes!

Always wished I had purchased this one. Yes please!

I remember that one. Couldn't afford it at the time, but I had found it arresting even as a JPEG. Count me in (and 11 x 14 would be swell).

Count me in. It's a favorite of mine.

Would definitely buy. Regretted not buying it the first time.

My wife looked over my shoulder while I was looking at this page, and said 'just buy it'. I need no further encouragement.


Yes. As others have said: didn't buy it it the first time, and have regretted it every time I have seen it again.

It's a yes

I've regretted missing that one the first time as well. For me, it's the most memorable of all the TOP print sale images to date.

I missed the first sale - count me in for this one.

But I don't have a downstairs powder room! Where will I put it?

Yes please. I'm in...


Yes please, missed it first time round and have always regretted it!

Interested, I do regret missing this one,

Yep. Don't know how I missed it the first time.

Yes, would buy.


Yes, please.

Yes please. Would love a print.

Yes, please!

Looks like you have a sale, Mike (and Gordon)!

Gordon: Have you ever considered doing a small edition of C-prints, perhaps at a slightly larger size? This image's palette might work well with this technique.

Yes, please!

Yes, please!

Yes, please!

I'm in.
Please take my money.

By the way, I was thinking what is the photo sold on TOP which I regret second most not to have bought (possibly a winter landscape from you Mike), and I thought it would be nice to have a link to a "TOP past sales portfolio".

Yes, please offer "Precipitation" again.

Definitely very interested depending how much extra it costs to ship to the UK (with our extra taxes too). If it could be kept at around $150 plus shipping etc then an almost certain yes.

I would buy a print

Yes! I have learned the hard way not to pass up chances to buy photographs or books that I love.

Yes! Another person unable to get it the first time around, and have been regretting it every time it pops up elsewhere.

I would love to own a print of this picture. I missed the first sale but have admired the image since I first saw it. Count me in!

Yes, absolutely!

Late to the party, but I'd definitely be interested in a new sale.


Yes, please!

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