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Thursday, 17 August 2017


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By you interest in Sonny Clark, you demonstrate that your jazz knowledge is as advanced as your photographic knowledge. I salute you for your highly evolved taste in music.

I'm a little lost. When you say "mix of mine" do you mean you made the mix and they posted it?

Over on Soundcloud be sure and check out Jake Vainio, a fine young musician (piano, guitar, trombone) who happens to be my daughter's partner.


Hmmm - I have to admit that I never understood the concept of "mixing", or the treatment of DJs as musicians. Goes far beyond my brain capability as it seems.

great site Mike. Sonny was so cool. His album with Tina Brooks is
not to be missed: Minor Move. I just preordered the Sam Stevenson
book: Gene Smith's Sink in which there is a chapter dedicated to
Sonny Clark.

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