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Monday, 07 August 2017


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Thanks Mike
I'd just like to point out that this thing is massive, like please don't sue me if you drop it on a small child or pet massive. The book will be hardbound 10x13 1/2 inches with 752 pages. (255mm x 343mm in the rest of the world) and about 9 pounds or 4 kilos. It turns out that there are good reasons that almost all books are about half that size at the largest.

In spite of that I'm trying to keep the cost at what a college student like Jamie when he started the project might be able to pay, the kickstarter price is $53 plus shipping. but I'm hoping some big "name in the front of the book" donors pop up in the next nine hours.

That said, if you buy your photo books by the pound this thing's a bargain. I think the pictures and story are pretty nice too.

Looks good, didn't have time to get on it, but seems the project just got backed!

Thanks very much Mike!

This is a project close to my heart and your heads up alerted me in time to help. Kickstarter just wrote this morning saying that the project HAS been fully funded and will go ahead as so many had hoped. 272 people signed up after I did so it was a last minute deal (maybe even thanks to you!)

Thanks again and be encouraged,

Tom Turnbull

Congratulations -- there's little doubt your blog posting made the difference. Look at the amount raised in those few hours versus the pace to that point. I posted the Kickstarter campaign to Facebook. In itself, that means nothing since there are only two other people associated as friends with that account. But -- one of those is a professional photographer and teacher of same while the other is a photographer/artist whose day job is at the Smithsonian. By immediately showing up on their Facebook pages and the pages of those who follow them the reach can be impressive. Multiply that by all of the TOP readers who did the same thing and it's pretty clear you blog is the lever which can move the world. At least a little.

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the book. I miss Polaroid film - in particular 55PN, I have a few SX70 snapshots but really admired the art that was produced in a book that Polaroid used to regularly publish to illustrate it's products. Beautifully printed. (Sorry, can't remember the title).

Incidentally, using Impossible Project film over the same time span would cost approx £15,000. Or about £67 per month. (At £17.99 per 8 shots). And that's if you can nail it in one shot per day!

Over 18 years that's one hell of a commitment both photographically and financially. Kudos!

OOOPDN - One camera, One Film, One shot, Per Day for N years.

"Over 18 years that's one hell of a commitment both photographically and financially. Kudos!

OOOPDN - One camera, One Film, One shot, Per Day for N years."

More like One camera, One Film, One shot, One lifetime. However Jamie wore out several cameras, not so much by making 6500 exposures but buy simply wearing the cameras out by carrying them around 24/7 for 18 years. He's the only person I know of who even wore out one of those Leica tabletop tripods, along with several camera bags, and a couple of electronic flashes. Those cameras weren't particularly small. Huge compared to a 35mm camera much less an iPhone. The film was about a dollar a shot in 1980, adjusted for inflation the Impossible film is cheaper now.

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