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Tuesday, 29 August 2017


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priming the audience for the next TOP print sale?

One of these days I'm going to scratch my platinum/palladium itch, but only with an experienced printer in a workshop environment. Flying solo is an Image Too Far.

A friend of mine, David Lewis, gave me a Pt/Pd print a few years ago. An extraordinarily beautiful thing. But I was surprised by it since I had been the "tour-guide, location scout" on that trip and I knew he didn't have a camera (a real one, you know, a view-camera), and yet he had made a print.

Canon digital camera and digital neg. It looks great.

Another friend of mine is planning to make prints, maybe Ambro-types with a Chromega F enlarger I gave him. With an iPod Pro Retina as the image source. Pretty wild. I hope it works.

It wasn't my last 10x10 enlarger so I will follow what he does very carefully.

It should be a few years ago, and my last name does not have the second letter capitalized,

I wonder, can you make series out of a neg, and all the prints look just the same?

Frank, with good, practiced technique, you can make a series of Pt/Pd prints from a negative that are very consistent. Exactly the same? If nothing else, the border brushmarks will have to be different. You can definitely achieve a consistency where difference will only show if you examine two prints right next to each other, and even then there will often be no visible difference.

Come on Carl, we all know that you can only make platinum prints with a 20x24 camera hand built by Stieglitz and paper made by Irving Penn.

Greg, no, no! Penn bought paper, he didn't make it himself.

He forged and rolled the aluminum backing all by himself!!

Second try

Two questions for Carl Weese.

1. Can I use a LightJet printer, instead of an ink jet printer, to make the negative?

2. Do you know of a Pt/Pd Printer in the USA who does customer work (do you)? No-one I know has a UV contact printer, or experience mixing the Pt/Pd chemicals.

Manuel Gomes Teixeira http://manuelgomesteixeira.com/index.html does good work, but he is in Portugal—a long way from Huntington Beach, CA.

Interesting article. But there is no explanation why I would
desire a platinum print. If it was extraordinary beautiful or
artistic, wouldn't Fuji have this in their digital cameras alongside their different color film and b&w emulations.
Also prints, while not entirely passe, are not how we look
at photos. How would they look on an iPad ?

cdembrey, I don't know enough about LightJet printers to take a guess at that. The problem is to block enough UV light to print clean highlights at the minimum exposure for dmax in the blacks, while also maintaining a smooth tonal ramp in between. What the negative looks like by visible light doesn't really count, the paper only sees UV.

There are people/firms who do custom Pt/Pd work, you can turn them up with a simple internet search, but I don't have any direct experience of their work so don't want to pick random names out of a hat. The couple times I looked at web sites out of curiosity the prices were extremely high.


Carl may do printing, I am not sure, but Stan Klimek is one of the best know platinum printers for photographers. Check him out at http://www.stanklimekstudio.com/

Their is also a studio in NYC that does it as well, but I don't remember their name.

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