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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


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Hey Mike
You should look up a story that is making the rounds in Canada about how people in communities in the far north use Amazon Prime to get all kinds of things shipped to them. Buying through Amazon and getting things shipped is cheaper than buying locally in Nunavut. The number of packages being sent is staggering. As Doug Saunders, a columnist at The Globe and Mail, put it on Twitter, those folks way up in Iqaluit are significantly responsible for Amazon being unable to turn a profit.


Peter Mountford

I have snapped up an Amazon Echo for a little over half price, having been given an Echo Dot for my birthday. So far I've been using the Dot for weather, news and radio, and dictating shopping lists to my phone. I'm planning to have one in the living room and one in the bedroom, and let them control some lights.

Hi Mike,
We've owned the same pressure cooker for nearly two years now and second your assessment. It's great, convenient, and practical on every level. Besides, tasty meals are ready in minutes, and the the clean up's a breeze. I know this isn't food critic lingo, but, hey, at the price this is nearly indispensable. Readers could do a lot worse than head to Amazon on this one.


We have an Instant Pot and it's a wonderful invention!

That aside, today's Prime Day was underwhelming chez moi. Turns out I don't really need that much more STUFF, at least not what was on offer. 50% off Printfile pages and (especially) binders, along with film (35mm, 120, 4x5,) would have been a winner for me.

The 24-Hour War was good!

Maybe don't trust a Seagate with anything you can't stand to be without. Failure rates seem to be abnormally high. https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-failure-rates-q1-2017/

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