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Thursday, 20 July 2017


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I commend you for having the courage to tell it like it is, and not be afraid of the Leica fanboys.

Don Draper would probably tell you over a whiskey that an ad campaign that incorporates a recall notice is probably off on the wrong foot.

This sounds like a dis-connect between and Engineers who don't have the time to test their new product vs theMarketing people that want to stay ahead of the space race between big camera manufacturers. I had a Leica Lux stop working at the fine setting, an Nikon D600 oil spill, and a Sony NEX 7 that requires .07+ exposure compemsation and all within 10,000 (10%) actuations. That is unacceptable to consumers and professionals that have quality product loyalty


The elite cadre of individuals with dead TL2's will be sublime indeed!

At least Leica makes public acknowledgement of their issues. The Olympus Pen F had a recent upgrade (2.0) that caused the camera to shut down and overheat. I thought I had a bad copy, and it was just intermittent enough that I was reluctant to send it in for repair ("Worked when we tried it.") With a lot of digging, I found a dpreview forum about the issue: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/59595607
I haven't seen any of the usual fan boys even mention this. Olympus did quietly provide a firmware update (2.1) that seems to have resolved it.

How the mighty have fallen. But at least they have admitted the problem. As for the marketing hype, well they have to talk up what is essentially a much cheaper camera in a different skin, albeit with some nice touches.

To be fair to Leica, the "Important Information..." statement you point to is on a completely different page than the Leica TL2 product announcement. Nevertheless, it's a reality check that stands in definite contrast to the lofty language in the product announcement copy.

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