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Thursday, 20 July 2017


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That's small stuff...


What's so surprising about a Mercedes pickup truck? Apart from luxury cars, they make vans, trucks and bus chassis. They even rebadge a Renault delivery van and call it 'Citan'. About 7 in every 10 taxi cars in Europe (an educated guess) are Mercedes-Benz. But somehow they manage to keep their reputation intact.

Listed my complete darkroom set-up (including 2 nice beseler 4x5 enlargers)on C's list...No responses. Dropped price a couple of times...No response. Finally donated it to a community darkroom. They agreed to take it, but only if I would deliver it. Do I need to read Trump's book or what?

Mercedes have a long history in building serious off-road capable vehicles. You need only look at the G class SUV or the military class of past and present units, but if you want some real off road fun then check out a Unimog. This truck is really just downsizing for Mercedes. However as i live in Alberta, where people will spend as much on a truck as a baseline Lamborghini or Ferrari, this will give those people a badge to go with it.

The crime of that truck is that it's just a rebadged Nissan, rather than being built off something like their Metris or even Sprinter vans. Mercedes builds amazing work trucks, they just like to enclose them.

and ... it's built by renault/nissan.
(obviously, i don't refer to the enlarger)

One of my biggest photographic regrets stems from when a friend offered me a Leitz Focomat for free. Unfortunately, the space where I had my darkroom had a low ceiling and the Focomat was too tall. I eventually found a Leitz Valoy that fit and served me well.

Considering Daimler-Benz has a long history of building commercial and utility vehicles, I can't see the big deal about them building pickup trucks. 'Course I'm a truck lover who has always found trucks far more interesting than typical motor cars.

The Leitz Focomat IIc sure is nice but expensive for a display. Instead, you should buy this for your Visitor Center. It is less expensive and most important, very local for your place.

First thing that came to mind is Glen Campbell singing 'I'm a German cowboy'...

MB has long made delivery vans and other 'uncool' vehicles. This should not shock anyone.

Actually, come to think of it, pick up trucks are the new 'cool'.

That pickup looks like the perfect Anselmobile to me. Convert the rear seat area to view camera and film storage and attach a big heavy tripod in the bed along with a seat and whatever else you need and Bobs your uncle. Seriously M-B has a long history of building trucks unlike the other brands you mentioned.

I hate to break this to you Mike but Mercedes has been making trucks for a long time. I see their vans on the road all the time and many high-end campers are based on their van chassis. They even make semis. Check this out: https://www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/vehicles/trucks/ So, a pickup truck isn't surprising at all.

It finally happened, ePrey-land has sunk to the level of Craigslist-land. I have seen reasonable buy-it-now listings or starting prices for old cameras interspersed with utterly outrageous prices. I don't get it. Do these sellers think some sucker will come along and just have to have their particular used item? Even stranger, these things get relisted month after month at the same price that clearly did not attract that wealthy sucker. And don't get me started on "excellent condition," where the seller clearly does not know if it works, did not install a mercury battery to check the circuit, etc., etc.

What?.... a TOmerYOcedTAes

Yeah, the enlarger is idiocy....but the truck actually makes weird sense to me, because 1. Dodge and Mercedes have some kind of connection through the mostly excellent Sprinter fleet of practical, tall vans (wish I could get one for my business....). I have heard on the negative side that parts are super high (as expected) for the Mercedes version and now maybe the Dodge too? So, It would follow naturally that there would be a share on the pickup truck.. My 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT quad cab is still going pretty strong, with only the mostly normal sorts of issues with a vehicle that old.

BTW, those Sprinters/Mercedes van things can also be turned into this: :http://sportsmobile.com/

One of those (not maybe a Sprinter, but one of the 4WD ones, is my "lotto winner" ultimate photo accessory

That Leitz Focomat brings back memories. My friend got one from somebody back in the 60's. (it was old even then) I loved it, a bit persnickity but got some great prints out of it. I was a virgin printer and this Leitz started me on an expensive habit.
SIGH....still miss it.

Mike, I'm thinking you are letting too many things bother you.....
The market usually sorts this stuff out
The folks buying that particular Leica are buying it as much as jewelry as photography....
The Ebay Practice is certainly shoddy but it is no different than shoddy transactions of the past ---except we can see it happen.
And Mercedes is attempting to cash in on the most profitable segment of the automotive world.
We're down to 4 cars, a 1968 MGB GT, my wife's Mini convertible, my BMW X5 and a new Ford Pickup to replace my ancient one.
We do lots of gardening and hauling of trees & bushes and the like and also need to transport stuff between 2 houses. A pickup is perfect. But here's the thing, the new F150 crew cab seats 6 carries everything, is quieter inside than the X5 drives tight and sure, and gets 23 MPG. I'm amazed at what a good vehicle it is.
Plus when shooting landscapes I can get an extra 3 to 8 feet of vantage point which makes a big difference. I feel like Ansel and his International Travelall.
My last truck was a 1992 GMC Sierra which we gave away because it still ran well.
I'm not sure I get the need for a Luxury truck, but I understand why people like trucks in general.
I also understand that it doesn't fit your lifestyle, that's OK too

But if you are ever forced to make your choice (drive a Mercedes Pickup or Kill Yourself) Please drive the truck-----we all need you.

Puny American trucks, this is what a Mercedes looks like

How are you supposed to attach the backhoe, snowplow, or lawnmower?

Seems as if all the companies that manufacture automobiles of one sort or another are now also construction pick up tracks, also known as Ute in other regions.
For example i drive a 2011 Honda Ridgeline, most people to this day are not aware Honda builds a pickup truck, mind the same people figure the once former big three are the only assemblers/builders of pickup trucks.Big three being General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.
These days virtually all the other auto manufacturers also build \some form of pickup truck. Including Mercedes, and apparently even Bentley
is going to get in the game.

Some manufacturers' trucks we don't see here in North America KIA, and Hyundai come to mind. They do exist in other places so i am advised.

It's all about marketing in the long run, and making money, maybe call it greed. Maybe we should just drive what we can afford
or want (not always the same) and roll on to where ever.

Of course it could be worse

Since you didn´t say why you wouldn´t drive the mercedes pickup, it is hard to respond to your statement.

What i would say is, if they make cars,Lorries,Buses, Vans etc. what is wrong with making a pickup. If you don´t like it because of the design, well that is a matter of taste.

If you get Edd Fuller's vintage stainless tank and reel, I can have some artisanal, free range, GMO free D76 developer especially hand crafted and delivered at favorable pricing. POR

Mike, just wait for the dualie-rear-axle version. I believe that it will be available only with the AMG 1000hp engine, for an additional $50k above the standard model.

What's the big deal?

It will no doubt take a while, but they only need to find one buyer at that price...

That Focomat is priced for some rich dimbulb like Elon Musk to grab as an interior decoration.
That Benz truck is really a Nissan with different panels on it. I guarantee that the Toyota equivalent (the world market Hilux, not sold here in USA) will be more reliable in actual service.

Ooo, a Mercedes pickup. And a crew cab, yet. Be still, my beating heart. I wonder if it has that Y-shaped coolant hose that reliably splits open at the Y, dumping all your coolant on the road and immobilizing the truck, wherever you're at (usually in the desert.)

Gonna have to pick me up some of these.

If you look closely that's a negative sign in front of the $2500 price for the enlarger so clearly they'll pay you to take it. Though maybe you have to promise to keep it and use it?

But wait Mike,

Aren't you forgetting Lenny Kravitz and his Leica. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSr1tyEizDYkw_S_Zxs6G8wLD3Xl_MaW_i0PDpCXwRU_StOHg2L He will now be cruzin' in his M-B/Toyota Tacoma https://c4d709dd302a2586107d-f8305d22c3db1fdd6f8607b49e47a10c.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/thumbnails/stock-images/43d4171739ec73f22abf017325395b6b.png look-alike with wheels from a 1961 Alfa Romeo Guiletta Spider Veloce https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/9a/d1/8a/9ad18a0c40ba60a159d5a7caefffac2b.jpg while wearing pre-distressed (read "torn") $300 jeans (on sale) https://www.shopbop.com/shredded-relaxed-skinny-jeans-r13/vp/v=1/1519031929.htm?currencyCode=USD&extid=SE_froogle_SC_usa&cvosrc=cse.google.RTHIR20040&cvo_campaign=SB_Google_USD&s_kwcid=AL!3510!3!%7Bcreative%7D!%7Bmatchtype%7D!%7Bplacement%7D!%7Bnetwork%7D!!%7Bkeyword%7D&ef_id=WXEb0gAAAcDRlhSq:20170720210834:s

I gave away a Chromega F 10x10 enlarger on Monday. And I feel great about seeing it go. Darkroom stuff just isn't worth a whole lot these days.

And people ask stupid money for old stuff. There has been a listing on eBay (for about a year) for a set of gears and fans for a Cirkut camera that I once owned. The seller wants $1200 for something that has almost no value now that it has been separated from the camera. That Cirkut camera sold in 2013 for a reasonable price, at least it would have been reasonable if it had it's gears and fans. The auction where it sold was sort of botched and the prices were pretty low, my old #8 did better than most of the lots compared to then current values.

But a Mercedes pick-up? Mercedes is better known for it's trucks than it's cars in a lot of the world. A friend just bought a SPrinter van (they are happy that it is badged a Freightliner though)

MB is one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world. Just saying.

In Mercedes' defence (and I'm no great fan of the marque), they at least have a heritage of building offroad utility vehicles - 6-wheeled military 'heavy cars' before and during WW2, and the more modern Unimog and G-wagon, both well thought of vehicles in civil and military service. Their heavy road trucks are also top notch. And they've entered into the Paris-Dakar with some success. Both Porsche and BMW are Johnnys-come-lately who (IMO) do their brands a disservice with their SUV lines, whatever their good points as vehicles may be.

Looks like the Germans stole the Toyota Tacoma Quadcab from Japan. Next thing you know they will be stealing camera designs from Japan. ;)

You're just jealous that the US isn't getting the X class. The MB C-class and GLC are a very nice drive, and if you need more off-road capacity than an SUV and still want a bit of luxury, why not?

I am waiting to see the Tesla pickup truck. Apparently the pickup truck market is huge. Whom would have thought.

I want one!!!

That Mercedes pickup is just the culmination of a trend in recent years of turning trucks into luxury cars. Mercedes didn't start it. I think that GM did years ago when they began selling Cadillac pickups that were basically Chevrolets with Cadillac body styling and twice the price.

Even the non-luxury branded trucks like the Ford and Chevy pickups have gotten so ridiculously expensive that the traditional buyers of pickups, rednecks and working class men, have been priced out of the market.

My dad bought a 3/4 ton Chevy Crew Cab pickup brand new in 1978, and he could afford it easily on his lower-middle class income as a utility lineman. Today, my dad is a lot better off financially and he has told me that he cannot afford a new truck at today's prices.

When did rich people and yuppies start thinking that buying redneck trucks was 'high class'? Just proves the power of marketing over weak minds.

Really, you are disturbed by a luxury car maker making pickup trucks? How about riding a Mercedez on a contry route at the cheapest fare :)

Mercedes, unlike Porsche and Bentley, have form:

2500 is about what I would be willing to pay for the Mercedes thing.

I just wish they'd re-issue my 1993 Toyota pickup, with a modern airbag system. But I do like these Mercedes camper vans...


It's not mint and may need repair, but it's no longer an arm and a leg:


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