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Thursday, 27 July 2017


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I would like to buy the camera, how do I proceed?

Mike is it still available? If so is PayPal ok?

What else are you selling this week?

I admit your pricing is very fair and in fact attractive vs what's available on eBay.


Close tab so I will not be tempted ;-)

There is one camera (non-digital I suppose) that rivals the 4x5.... this is it. As much as I love my Hasselblad, in terms of image quality alone, nothing else beat the Mamiya 7 short of a 4x5 (or high end digital...)

Glad to see this slacker didn't claim "Mint"! I read somewhere "One thing to look out for is sellers screaming "MINT!!!" at you like manic candy salesmen".
GLWS- this is very well-priced for this condition. I had been looking at these myself, and this as a good one. If only I were 60 years younger...

Ugh! Always the right thing at the wrong time. This and one other film camera are the only ones I would want to have right now....I've wanted one of these since they came out. Just recently got rid of my Texas Leica which broke my heart, but it *was* big and it was time----values had finally started to drop. I knew I could get another one day.

But these guys have truly held their value...

I am severely tempted, and that is a great price I think.....I am thinking about it right now. But what a terrible time for me! Got the money, but have a major business trip coming up and I've got to fund parts of it in advance.

Hmmm....sending you an email.

That's a great Price for a superb camera.
I still have a couple of Mamiya TLR's with interchangeable lenses.
Those Mamiya lenses were astonishingly sharp

Oh, man. This exact setup was the object of much lust around our home for several years. And those Mamiya lenses produced such a great look! Good luck with the sale!

Is the camera still for sale?


No, sorry, it sold to the first person who expressed interest. --Mike]

Oh, Mike, nooo. "Virtually no blemishes" is like saying ".99 cents," and "ex++" is basically meaningless because of the pluses. The best way to write about condition is to take "unflattering" (i.e., using directional light) and detailed photos that reveal marks and to describe them in an appropriate way (exhaustively if it's close to mint, or just pointing out highlights if that would be too verbose).

Too bad about the camera, though. It's such a sweet bit of gear.

[Two things: 1. It's got some dust on it. 2. I'd call it mint, but experience has shown that other people have higher standards than I do. So, no mints...just ice cream. --Mike]

But is it mint?

(sorry, could not resist after this morning's article)

"Sold to Victor H"???

Isn't it bad enough the guy made his digital 645 rather than square format? Now he buys a 6x7!
Ernst Wildi will be rolling over in his grave.

What a very strange coincidence. I just came to your blog specifically to search for "Bronica RF645." Didn't you buy one of those not too very long ago? Would you like to sell it?

Wow, you sold a Mamiya to Victor Hasselblad??

"UPDATE: Sold! To Victor H."

Victor Hasselblad bought your Mamiya from you? Amazing!


Old book-collector joke -- "Near-mint, just a few eye-tracks." Actual mint copies have never been opened, never mind read.

If my name was "Victor H.", I would kind of feel obliged to shoot another brand of medium format...

Oh, my. Missed!
On my to-do list for the next trip to Japan...

Now I wonder what you are going to invest that $1649 in Mike, can't wait to find out which ibis featured mirrorless makes it's way to TOP HQ.

I so much wish I'd seen this FS item. I've been looking for a film camera, and a Mamiya 7ii in particular. Is there anything else you're thinking of selling?

To me, the best photobook this year is Sage Sohier's "Witness to Beauty". You can tell from the cover photo that she used a Mamiya 7 for the project (the side shutter release giving the clue). Great camera with almost large format film quality.

Ugh. Wish I had seen this sooner. It's the only camera I ever regret selling. At least yours will be used, hopefully.

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