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Wednesday, 28 June 2017


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I think this is quite a reasonable idea as you it reduces the hardware refresh cycle for the body. And you could probably do it all for less than a Leica body...

Now I am just going to crawl into my obselete little Leica inflicted ball of poverty and cry a little...


I think this is a great idea, but I upgraded in reverse order: I passed on the upgrade to the X-Pro2, and popped for the X-T2. I shot with the X-Pro2 for a two solid weeks of photography, and on the whole, I really liked the camera.

It was also my first exposure (no pun intended) to the Acros B&W film preset-holy cow! Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

But, like some photographers have found, I had eye relief issues with the X-Pro2's optical viewfinder, which surprisingly, I did not with my X-Pro1.

So, I've settled in with the wonderful, sublime little X100F as my "GADA" (go anywhere, do anything) camera, and the X-T2.

BTW, installing the Vertical Power Booster Grip on the X-T2 turns it into a little BEAST of a camera...some shots from the NASCAR SaveMart 350 at Sonoma Raceway this last weekend.
The Start...

Eventual winner Kevin Harvick goes "up the inside" at Turn 4

Jamie McMurray heading straight at me..

Track goes "hot" after the green flag

Dice at Turn 11

I'm glad someone else is mulling over that idea: it did occur to me that I would like to replace my X Pro1 but keep the XT1 for a bit longer. Now I have the perfect argument (with myself as I don't have a spouse to argue with).

And, if you own both an XPro and a XT, you can buy a set of "Fujicrons" for the XPro and a set of the f/1.4/1.2 lenses (23mm, 35mm & 56mm--dare we call them "Fujiluxes"?) for the XT.

Get thee behind me, Satan!

That idea will float like the proverbial turd in a punch bowl.

I would have been tempted by this camera but it copied the one thing I always hated about my Leica CLs, the lens is too close to the center of the camera.

Handling is much better IMHO if the lens is closer to the photographer's left hand, as in the M cameras and the screw mounts. Not a big deal if you use AF all the time I suppose, but it will always feel wrong to me and I will never buy the cameras because of that.

There was no reason for them to lay out their cameras this way, they just didn't think it through?

Seeing the X-Pro2 here, and while wondering whether it is the lead-grey version - the camera, and particularly the area to the top left above the grip - reminds me of a gun. Not the shape of a gun but the creased metal that looks like the bit around the slide on a pistol - businesslike, not soft and cuddly - businesslike.

My brother has both the X-T1 and XPro-1 bodies (and a bunch of Fuji lenses). His wife gave them to him as birthday and Christmas gifts. His birthday is on the horizon. I wonder which of the '2' bodies he will received from his highly esteemed spouse. (Or perhaps a Leica?)

It would also help me self-justify the need to own both 23mm lenses rather than just the one I have. And I could walk around like Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now with multiple cameras slung all over me like the 70's when doing so would get my friend and I into almost any event largely on the basis of so many Nikons. In fact I could have both 23mm lenses on cameras at the same time. Good thinking-I think. Thanks!

I was going nuts when I switched between an XT2 and an X100S because their menu system is totally different. Now that I upgraded to a X100F, it is easier to use.
Since my most used focal length is 35mm (in 35mm), devoting a full time body for it was the way to go. The 23 f2 on the X100 series is beautiful, fast and tiny. For other focal lengths, I use the XT2. Made more sense to me a small, inconspicuous camera for my most used lens.

I love the idea but in reverse :) After shooting with the X-Pro1 from the the first week it was available, my sweet wife bestowed upon me the X-Pro2 last Fall.

I'm now considering an X-T1 :)

Hi Mike
I bought an Olympus OM1 S/H in 1987 and was given an OM 10 in 2007.
Does that count as skipping a cycle?
I still use both regularly with Olympus and Tamron Glass.
Regards John

You are not helping. Also not helping is that an X-Pro2 is cheaper than an X-T2, so it's the reasonable choice, see?

Owning both an X-T1 and X-Pro1, i really need to break up the update cycle, especially as I'm buying used.....hrm...

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