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Wednesday, 14 June 2017


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I think the cameras have vastly outrun the abilities of 95% of the photographers already.
When I get sooo good the AR7II or the Pen F are insufficient, I will let you know (there will be a statue of me in front of the white house then also).

Hi Mike

Makes the Em1 & Gh5 look fantastic value for money, and before people say "....oh, but full frame!" Maybe they should check your previous post - a cellphone getting a magazine cover !

All the best

You forgot to mention that the Civic Type R is so fugly that even if I was given one, I would still have to get rid of it.

You left out the second "n" in "Nürnberg"; also it's "berg" not "burg" …

I'll always be amazed not by what photographers can do with the latest, but what they can achieve with the basics.

For the curious, about the car testing track at Nurburgring:

Richard, Nürnberg is a city in Bavaria, Germany. Nürburgring, however, is correctly spelled and is a motor sport track in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany.

The type R took the record for the fastest STOCK fwd vehicle at the ring. There's plenty of non-stock fwd cars that are faster. And the real deciding factor in this type of test is really who they pick as a driver.

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