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Tuesday, 13 June 2017


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Until I recently retired, I worked for more than 20 years with homeless, addicted and poor people-although addiction doesn't touch the lives of as many homeless as is portrayed. Programs I oversaw had politicians and well known college/professional football players (one of whom could not read or write). At the same time my wife has a rare, poorly understood physical disability now in its 13th year. Without Opioid drugs she could not function. Yet this 'epidemic' is making it continually more difficult to get the drugs all of her pain doctors and other specialists completely understand the need for. From my perspective this is about money (and insurance companies) as much as anything.

The government response to this (I think driven by the insurance industry) is to keep everyone from access to these important drugs to prevent addiction. If this is the plan, they should have started with Alcohol, years ago.

Also, have you seen the recent change to the AP Stylebook which I understand makes it unacceptable to describe anyone as an "addict".

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