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Thursday, 01 June 2017


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The email announcing this was called Untitled. I was reminded of a national competition I was featured in years ago (Got a medal actually. :-) ... all the titles where written on cards under the photos, with quotation marks. And when the photo didn't have a title, there was written "Untitled"... with quotation marks. I found this a bit amusing.

A link to: http://www.euanforresterphotography.com. I read about his mountain biking trail building project a few months ago. Non bikers should realize that trail building is a high art around Vancouver and this was a wonderful to "pay back" their labor and make riders aware and appreciative.

If anyone else misses horses and would like some up close experience shoveling out a few stalls that can be arranged ;-p

I was in your neck of the woods in late February as part of a trip from Victoria to Winnipeg to Alabama to DC to Toronto. Saw the Corning Museum and the Curtiss but most restaurants were closed/on short hours. I stayed at the Best Western in Hammondsport. I only had a couple of days. Upper New York state is a pleasure but I'll have to return to do Rochester, Buffalo and on to New England. However there will be no more cross-Canada drives in February!

Euan, your trail-building project documentary series is excellent. Walking through it really puts me right in the middle of the youthful energy and optimism that must have created a wonderful atmosphere. Well-done!

Took a look at the site and really enjoyed the set of photos about the B.C. coastal ferry system. I have not often used ferries in my life, but one of the things I enjoy about them is the waiting. It's odd because I hate waiting for airplane flights, as if it's a different kind of wait. I guess it is, in my own brain anyway.

There have been some stories about the sabotaging of bike trails by people who oppose them, resulting in some serious injuries. Mixed use trails can be a problem, as hikers cannot always hear a cyclist approaching and the cyclists don't appreciate having to slow down for hikers.

I was in the Finger Lakes once years ago with my ex. Funny how lousy company can colour an experience. I was driving my 1986 MR2, so that at least was fun. I really enjoyed the Corning Glass museum, and had some really good ice cream somewhere. We came back to Canada via the ferries to Wolfe Island, and I don't remember waiting much.

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