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Thursday, 01 June 2017


Only problem with this offer is that I already have all three books. Saves money now, I guess...

I was fairly sure I wouldn't be able to fit any of them into my budget*, so I got a new (but well cheap) copy of the Aperture Masters of Photography volume on Paul Strand. Essay (basically a short bio) and comments by Peter Barberie (there is a mention of the Philadelphia exhibition on the back dust-jacket blurb), but obviously far fewer pictures (about 40). I found it quite interesting.

* I was right!

Hey, Mike,

I have a business idea for you. I think you should set up a consulting business for operations/fulfillment managers at fine-art publishers/museums. I say this because my Strand book arrived today. And just as with one of my earlier purchases from the Atkins museum, the heavy book was put into a relatively flimsy tall box (probably half again taller than the book) with no internal bracing or cushioning. Nada! As you can imagine, during its parlous journey via UPS, what with all that jostling around inside a huge box with no protection, it arrived with a damaged corner. Given the stunning beauty of this item (you were right, man!), it boggles the mind that Trilateral, LLC, which apparently serves such quality outfits as Harvard, MIT, and Yale University presses, doesn't know how to, or perhaps doesn't care to, adequately protect the books they ship. But there's good news: I called them and a nice lady heard out my rant and then promised to send me a replacement free of charge. So all ends well. But seriously, think about that business opportunity. Museums and fine-art presses need help with fulfillment. Hope it works out for you, Mike! ;-) And thanks again for the special offer.

Ordered Tuesday,5/30; received the books today, Monday,6/5. Excellent service!

I ordered on the first day of the sale and my books arrived today, June 6. They were well packed and arrived in perfect condition. And they are all three wonderful books. I've just had time for a quick glance through them, but I'm certain I'll be spending a good bit of time with them in the near future.

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