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Thursday, 22 June 2017


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Finally a good excuse to buy a pool table! The lighting is good for either use... now if I only knew how to play pool this would be really useful.

How can anyone hate both cars and pool? That makes absolutely no sense! That's like saying Blue Oyster Cult used too much cowbell!

My first association:

Not that it is likely but I would come just to play pool. The photographic surroundings would be a bonus and probably a distraction that would benefit the competition.

At the risk of embarrassing long-time Aussie TOP readers, it puts in mind a popular, nay cult, local comedy movie released in the 90's named The Castle. One (of many) one-liners was "this is going straight to the pool room". It referred to any achievement by the family that was worthy of celebration, and was literally displayed in the pool room for all to see.
Would be well worth a visit!

It would be a pity to waste a nice table like that on Pool, when you could be playing Snooker!

ironically I bet that most people who hate cars and pool probably love carpools

Mike, where you are you won't use these guys http://montanashedcenter.com/
but if you check out what they make you will get the idea. Not too expensive to have a decent shed/small building done. Less than the cost of many high end cameras these days.

What you suggest makes sense. A place done the way you want from the ground up. Make it so it suits your purposes. So many good designs around and flexible companies that you might do it before you expect.

No, I have no affiliation with the company. Just have friends here in North Dakota and Montana who have purchased the sheds and are happy with them. Varying uses from tools to yard tractors to mother-in-law place out back.

[Hi Daniel, around here it is Woodtex in the town of Himrod--founded by two Amish brothers whose father died when they were young. I've already gotten estimates. They will build the basic structure, but the slab, heating
(it will be heated but not plumbed), and interior finishing will have to be done by others. I'm thinking of getting estimates from contractors for the whole job, top to bottom. It's still a few years away in any case, assuming it ever gets done at all. --Mike

Well, Mike, the thing about disdain in American "sports" is not the sport, but the way it is "played". The game itself, with the subtleties you mention, could be appreciated, but the chewing, spitting & other aggressive pseudo posturing, diminishes it. A sport should be able to stand on its own merits, like FIFA football, without having to resort to violence (like ice hockey) to entertain people. The "disdain" is probably just a form of class distinction, or snobbery, even, & I suspect that a good chunk of the Trump panic is sublimated elitism.

"the irony is that baseball would suit the British temperament wonderfully if they only would bother to understand it."

Ah Mike, Mike, Mike… To anyone who has been initiated into the incomprehensible beauty and intrinsic patience of cricket, baseball can never be more than a primitive and unsubtle game recently developed in a former colony that has gone sadly adrift.


you got trouble, trouble, trouble!
And that stands for Pool!!!

"... but the irony is that baseball would suit the British temperament wonderfully if they only would bother to understand it." This is just a wind-up, right? I'm sure you really know that baseball was an English* game. Anyway, Pool is to Snooker as Baseball is to Cricket.
* English not British ;-)

In the words of George Bernard Shaw, "The English are not a very spiritual people, so they invented cricket to give them some idea of eternity."

He'd obviously been dragged to a dull five-day match - probably a draw. :)

Wow,"Simonis 860 Grey" pops right off my screen.

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