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Tuesday, 09 May 2017


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Good luck !
Remember Sun Glasses, sun Screen, ear plugs for sensory overload, and a compass, Reality is big.
Oh, and it has weather, so bring a jacket.....
If you can find one, take a sunset sail on your beautiful lake.
Enjoy Yourself

For my own amusement, I once wrote on the blackboard that listed what jobs we were all doing, "Away for two weeks for a well earned rest".

When I came back from holiday, somebody (I have a fair idea who) had added, "Yes, for us!"

Fair enough! : )

Have a good break/Hope you had a good break.*

* Delete as applicable. ;)

Enjoy your week, finally you have time to watch all those TV-Shows you missed while you were sitting in front of your Computer screen ;P

Btw, love that BJ job description.

Not a peep out of you.
Good for YOU -- you're sticking to it!

I had some kids tell me that I sound like Homer Simpson. I feel better knowing I sound like Dan Castellaneta.

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