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Friday, 19 May 2017


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Wonderful sky shot. Too few people look up.

I followed the link and read the article. I admire people who strive to push technical methods to the limit. We all benefit from their efforts, not least when the mainstream technology we ourselves can use improves as a result. The article left me feeling slightly uncomfortable. Do glossy wrappers make the ideas inside more or less effective?

I have to credit my wife for sending me that article.

Great link, Mike. Perhaps your readers my also like to look at this link on Steidl:



Tony McLean

If you really like long days, try Iceland this time of year. From personal experience (10 days last year, in June), it starts to feel oppressive. On our return, when we landed at Newark Liberty and picked up our car, I was delighted to see a sunset, and dark coming. (Amused my wife, it did.) I guess I just think that our temperate zone seasons are "normal." Living at the Equator, one would probably get accustomed to the sun rising at 6, and setting at 6, EVERY DAY.

That might be a good regimen for someone with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). One of my wife's friends gets really gloomy when the shorter days hit. And unbearably chirpy in mid-summer.

And by the way, prompted by your picture, I just breezed through all of mine from a Keuka vacation in 2016. Lots of sky pictures. There's something about that place that makes the sky beckon.

Really wanted to dislike the guy for being such an elitist, but Steidl is quite socially conscious, responsible and generous. That said, that very same aura of elitism, where nothing exists but the very best, still manages to rub me the wrong way. I really don't care if Eggleston gets off on the thickness of the inks.

If anything, it makes me appreciate those who independently publish their work even more- even if only on Blurb. And, of course, still appreciate The New Yorker cartoons..

Great article about Steidl. I saw a documentary on German TV a while ago - excellent.

I like long days, too. Our cat wakes me at dawn with a polite paw to the nose to request her morning snack. I don't think I'll take her to Iceland. And daytime photography currently persists until mid evening.

The Halftone Hotel. And for our less discriminating clients we have the Inkjet Inn.

I always thought Frederic Church was on drugs until I lived in upstate New York, then I saw that he was pretty much painting what he saw.

Tony MacLean's link to the FT story on Gerhard Steidl is worth a read if you want to know how his operation is even possible. FT cares about business aspects, takes the artistry for granted, and it appears that Steidl is a VERY good businessman.

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