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Friday, 19 May 2017


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Now on to this morning's post?

I thought that was a post.

Very nice photo, thanks. Birds are so wonderful. It's horrifying that people eat chicken corpse. Chicken production:

“. . . in both magnitude and severity, the single most severe, systematic example of man's inhumanity to another sentient animal."
--John Webster
Emeritus Professor of Animal Husbandry
School of Veterinary Sciences
University of Bristol, UK


Where I live, feral cats are not the problem, but rather the inconsiderate neighbors on the block that routinely let their house cats out to "hunt" the neighborhood. I have several high powered, long range water rifles placed strategically around my property, as well as piles of throwing rocks, which I use to run them off. I've managed to scare off the cats and since I now work at home they seem to know someone is present all during their hunting periods and stay clear. I watched a cat the other day walking up the street. When it came to my property line it crossed to the other side of the street before continuing. I must be doing something right.

When I lived in the country I had several mousers around, and never had any problem with the bird/cat dynamic, but in town it is much worse.

I have several pairs of cardinals in and around my backyard. They're VERY territorial. One male in particular spends most of his time flying into his reflection in the porch door. He's no doubt thinking, "Look at that handsome virile hunk of bird-hood. I'd best protect my baby mama". THUNK!

Time to put up the plastic sheeting again.

It's a beautiful picture.

From a British perspective it occurs to me that the early settlers who called those thrushes 'robins' must have been short sighted, or horribly homesick! :).

Unfortunately many of our birds are in serious trouble too for similar reasons.

A couple of years ago a pair of blackbirds built a nest a few yards from our kitchen window. Everything stopped, and neighbours came in to watch proceedings. I hope yours do well.

I had a family of wrens last year that took up residence in an empty citronella candle. Five babies and momma. I was able to set up a small video camera about a foot away and gather footage in secret. I miss them!


American robins are fake!

Assuming you're having similar weather to the rest of the Northeast right now, they're likely panting to regulate their body temperature (like dogs, they don't sweat).

They don't look much like the robin's in my garden which look like this:


Well who knew that Americans and Europeans had different kinds of Robin. I've never seen that bird before and it certainly isn't the Robin I know and love. European Robins are very bold and will land between your legs to catch worms when you're digging the garden.

setup a small tripod and do a bit remote video (sorry, wrong blog; then) time lapse ... if you have a silence one and the thing is covered up a bit.

Have to very careful in case the parents dump the bird. Seems not so challenging in your case.

I'd go with cooling too. Incidentally, some birds while happy to live and nest around humans do not like you to stare at them directly for more than a few seconds when you're near. They'll be happy for you to go about your business around them but looking straight at them can be threatening.

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