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Tuesday, 30 May 2017


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Links are currently not working at Yale. Clicking 'add to cart' does nothing. This is also true for non-sale books. Tried in three different browsers on MacOS Sierra.

[Steve, might be just a temporary rush. People have been waiting for this sale to start. Maybe wait for a few hours and try again? I'll be monitoring this throughout the day and the people at the bookstore will be keeping me apprised of progress and problems. So far there's nothing systemic going wrong. --Mike]

Just for reference, the codes aren't recognized by Yale's UK website. I guess overseas buyers need to order from the US site.

Just ordered by phone -- very, very easy.

My order is in for all three. I had to do it by phone as the web site has no 'check out' capability. (The very helpful person on the phone thought this might be working tomorrow.) Also the international shipping charges are very reasonable this time – $20 to Canada.

Going into the book offers this morning, I started with the Strand book and managed to get it into my cart, though I have yet to figure out how to close the cart and make the purchase. This may be due to the various pieces of blocking software I run so I have a few things to check.

The Strand book is a bargain, but Yale also has fifty other books at half price in its "special offers" section including William Eggleston's "Portraits".

Lastly, a loud hurrah for Yale, an institution that actually seems to understand how to ship books outside the US at a reasonable price!

Hi Mike,

I just tried to order and had some problems. The promised "green cart" would not show up. I tried the phone number and was able to order that way. The representative had the codes and processed it, indicating the order would ship in the next couple of days. I am assuming TOP will still get its cut, but, since she also added that a number of people had problems processing orders with Yale today, I thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences and the success of the phone option if readers wanted to get their orders in early.

Thanks for your help in setting up the sale. I'm looking forward to the books as I'm sure other TOP frequenters are too.


Mike, I don't think a nonfunctional shopping-cart link is a traffic-rush issue. Better check on this my friend!! I'm having the same trouble as Steve.

[I will post up-to-the-minute updates about this near the top of the post until I'm convinced no one is having any problems. Latest word from Yale is that the technical difficulty is fixed as of 11:20 a.m. ET. --Mike]

I just ordered all three books. It went very smoothly.

Now with the Bresson book I ordered after reading the New Yorker article on the publisher Steidl I've now MAXED out for this year. And I've said that many times before and it never works.

Hi, Mike,
Great offer! Just to let you know the shopping cart was still not working at 11:04. But I got right through via phone to the order department and the lady was very quick and helpful. So no problems from this quarter. Thanks again for doing these deals. Harry Lew

My order has gone through just fine. I found I had to turn off any and all script- and ad-blockers, no exceptions, to get the cart to work. I have my purchase confirmation now.

Mike, I cant find a place to enter the discount code.......

[Keep going. You'll get to a page that says "Shipping - Promotional Adjustments," where there is a box that says "Promo Code." --Mike]

Done, done and done. Thanks to you Mike, I've been getting into photo books more and more. Now my summer perusing is all set.

I was having trouble with the web site, so I called. First of all, the toll free number worked from Canada (they don't always)!

Second, and the real reason why I'm writing a comment, I was looked after by THE most helpful and nice sales agent that I have ever experienced on the phone. He was wonderful!

Finally, for those who are wondering, shipping to (Winnipeg) Canada is under $25 by ground and under $47 FedEx International Priority.

Excellent! Thanks Mike!!

My order went through without problems. The promo code is entered at the end, just before paying.

Great sale. Thank you Mike.

Hey Mike

Having trouble ordering from Canada. I know Collin says it worked fine for him, but the ordering page balks at my Canadian postal code. Which is strange because you can select Canada from the shipping destinations and the province from the pull down menu, but entering the postal code gives you a big red X. I will try by phone tomorrow, but just wanted to let you know.

They look like beautiful books.

Further to the question posed about "how long will it take?" I used the 1-800 number because I was having difficulty online and I was told it would be about 10 days (and I'm in Canada - surface mailing). As already noted by another reader ... the mailing costs to Canada were very reasonable - unlike the last sale which had mailing costs so high as to prevent me from taking advantage of the wonderful offers. Thanks, Mike.


The Yale site has the option to change to a UK location where the book is on offer for £50 with free UK delivery. If you go through the US Yale site to take advantage of your offer and add even the lowest cost postage (6 - 8 weeks delivery) the cost is over $74 dollars which Google tells me is equivalent to £57.93. Not really an offer for UK residents!

[I'm sorry to hear that. It seems to be the one downside with these book sales--that they are mainly for US (or NA) residents, with international ordering offered as a courtesy with sometimes minimal material benefits. Seems difficult to get around the fact that books are heavy and generally costly to ship.

Maybe I will try to arrange a "TOP book club" offer from a UK publisher next, for readers in the UK and Europe primarily, with US delivery offered as a courtesy. --Mike]

It's also $20.00 to ship to Arizona, which has the same effect. Whatever happened to "book/media rate" mailing at the post office?

Completely OT: Your patio furniture looks an awful lot like mine.

Hi Mike,

I received word from UPS My Choice that my books would be arriving tomorrow, 6/6/17. I ordered early the first day by telephone. I hope this is useful to buyers concerned about their own orders.

Thanks for your work on this and all the sales at TOP.


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