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Thursday, 25 May 2017


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Excellent! Cody's work is right up my taste ally. Finding irony, incongruity, ambuguity, and humor in landscapes is the essence of "seeing" with a camera, at least to me. By his list of showings and pubs (none familiar to me) I'd say he has a following.

Thank you Fernando, and Mike, for calling out Cody's work.

Good work. Interesting that "South" was my favorite.

Thanks, it's beautiful work.
Taken as a whole it is a little bleak of my taste, but certainly nice work.

Make sure not confuse him with the fabulous Jodi Cobb of NatGeo fame.

A lot of his photos look as though anyone could have taken them. They seem to owe more to the landscape than the photographer. But the others are wonderful and show the artistry you are celebrating.

Lotta good stuff there!

Happy that you liked it Mike. Always a reader, I rarely comment, this is my high note of 2017 then, so in the words of George Costanza, "that's it for me".


wow ... this stuff really stands out in a world full of forgettable images

... and yes ... "south" really did it for me also

'Mojave' for me, especially that last with the night sky overhead.

Thanks for the recommendation, I love his work!

I agree with you. Looks good.
But, apart from the horse photo, I have to say that most of landscape photography has started to look a bit too stock photo. Perhaps my problem is the circling intro screen from windows 10, which pulls from the interwebs photos following your tastes.

I do think that computing world [mobile, desktop, laptop, et all] has abused a bit too mucho of landscape photography.

Thanks, Mike. I loved the photo of the horse so much that I ordered a print right away.

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