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Monday, 01 May 2017


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You say it's bokeh,
I say it's blurry,
You say otofokasu,
I say still blurry,
Oto, fokas, blurry, bokeh,
Let's call the whole thing off.

(With apologies to the Gershwins. . . )

As a native speaker of Japanese, I have to point out that ōtofōkasu (オートフォーカス) means "autofocus", as in an AF camera. The romanization for "out-of-focus" would be autofōkasu (アウトフォーカス).

Sorry to be the party spoiler, but what's the problem with 'background blur'? Is it because it's two words? Do the vocal cords get too strained, or something?

I'm not clear about this

Hey, he really did (otofokasu.top; and I typed it correctly the first time).

I propose DOOF, for depth out of field. Anyone overly into DOOF will hereby be known as a DOOFUS.

Manuel: The problem with "background blur" is there is also foreground blur.

MarkB: Now you have to register autofōkasu.top if Eric is right. BUT, I like otofokasu better (shouldn't the two be interchanged for English speakers?)

See this: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/otofokasu/

Eric, it's OK, we know what Mike means. For a mind-numbingly literal explanation of the relevant Japanese/English orthography, please see my comment on the "Funniest Thing" post a couple below this one.

Mike, thank you for this valuable addition to photographic terminology. I've renamed my Flickr album 'Bokeh & Schmokeh' to 'ōtofōkasu': https://www.flickr.com/photos/alex_virt/sets/72157634831822947

Manuel , bokeh does not simply refer to the blur but to the visual quality of the blur.

These types of images are popular on Flickr's Explore, and I refer to them in my Gallery as "bokeh wash" images.

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