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Thursday, 06 April 2017


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NYT editorial, December 28, 2015 ...

Sooner or later, Congress has to set an adequate wage floor for the nation as a whole. If it does so in the near future, the new minimum should be $15.

The impetus for increasing the compensation for photographers is one of many proposals for sweeping changes recommended in an impressive internal report “Journalism That Stands Apart: the report of the 2020 Group, January 2017" (mentioned in the PetaPixel article):


Worth the read to put context into their commitment to journalism vs. publishing content created by other news orgs. I think it is significant that they recognize the structure, management, and the training/expertise needed to enable rich visual content, and to not just add “more pictures to stories.”

Highlights from the section titled:
“1. The report needs to be more visual.”

“Too much of our daily report remains dominated by long strings of text.

“…when we write about dance or art, our reporters and critics are able to include video or photography but only in a limited way; they lack the proper training to embed visuals contextually, and our content management system, Scoop, makes the placement of visuals an afterthought.

“To solve the problem, we need to expand the number of visual experts who work at The Times and also expand the number who are in leadership roles.

“We also need to become more comfortable with our photographers, videographers and graphics editors playing the primary role covering some stories, rather than a secondary role. The excellent journalism already being produced by these desks serves as a model.”

Copyright for the above excerpts are all owned by the New York Times.

Earning $45k in NYC is like $20k anywhere else. Plus that's gross, not net, and on a 1099 to boot. Crap pay by any stretch.

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