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Tuesday, 04 April 2017


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On the internet, nobody knows you're a blogger.


I second that no comment.

The epitome of social media when it comes to establishing authority and legitimizing one's intrinsic value.


Hmmm, is this to be a telling tail???


And here's me thinking you were linking to my favourite album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmSN25HLQBM

Bill Tyler's link to the XKCD comic reminds me that the middle initial of Benoit B. Mandelbrot is Benoit B. Mandelbrot.


As the article said, the current Mac Pro is quite adequate for many users. I use mine for digital photography. It has eight cores, 32 GB and 1 TB SSD. That is more than adequate for my needs. I am told that it's graphic cards are somewhat underpowered for heavy-duty video editing. Since I don't do that it does not affect me. I know it is not upgradable. I knew that when I bought it. I have added an outboard 12 TB drive for storage and backup. If necessary that can be daisy chained for additional capacity. I'm not suggesting that the Mac Pro should not be upgraded. For those that need additional power they should have that choice. But for me the current model is adequate and meets my needs. It works well and is trouble-free.

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