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Thursday, 09 March 2017


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On the subject of Time magazine: one of my favourite photo essays is this one from many years ago (from 2002, I think) in Time magazine online by Monique Stauder called Latitude Zero (http://content.time.com/time/interactive/0,31813,2019167,00.html). It's always inspired the armchair adventurer in me as well as my appreciation for documentary photography. It appears that the project is now a book available on her website (http://moniquestaurder.com) and Amazon (https://www.amazon.ca/Latitude-Zero-Paul-Theroux/dp/9053307192/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1489119234&sr=8-5&keywords=latitude+zero).

Yakimovich Is brilliant!

My name is Jamal Clark aka Photo Genius

I like how Kydonakis often centers the subject. The squirrel had me laughing. The fish with teeth had me say "ewww" out loud.

The Richard Sandler portfolio at is web-site is great (and extensive, showing 116 images). Unfortunately the pictures are a bit too large and get truncated top/bottom on my HP XR22w monitor. I don't know of a way to size them down a little bit so I could see each one in full.

[Hi Kurt, I noticed that, but I was able to adjust the size by fiddling with the size of my browser window. Did you try that? --Mike]

Back in 2006 at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, we had Mason Resnick curate a show of street photographers and Richard Sandler was one of the participants. I still have the mailer we produced with one of his images. That was a great show with photographers from all over the place.

Exceptional street photographers continue to capture the magic, serendipity and absurdity that is everyday life.

Following on from Kurt's issue not being able to see the images in full - try setting your browser software to view in "full-screen" mode. With most browsers on Windows PC's (and possibly Macs?) pressing the F11 key toggles between full-screen viewing and your normal view.

I was able to see them fully on a 22" screen.

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