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Tuesday, 28 March 2017


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Sad .....and I was thinking back to a comment made when he sold the site back in 2009 .... by an old contributor that made me smile then .... sorry he cant be around now ....

Dear Mike,

Selling this site would completely compromise its integrity and ultimately destroy the valuable service you've created for the photographic community.

I could be persuaded to rethink that position for a suitable cut. Details, as always, are negotiable.


The genius of Steve's Digicams (IMHO, of course) was he always shot the same scenes and items, from nearly the same angles for almost every camera! It made it SO easy to compare the output of models I was considering purchasing. I hate to hear of his passing. His site was invaluable, and it was nice seeing his family members grow up in the sample photos he posted over the years.

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