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Friday, 17 March 2017


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Nicely done. Lots of detail in tree bark for a backlit shot. I can see a skull shape in the under seat area. I like the translucent plastic and I like the foremost chair leg shadow. Was this a grab shot or did you work it ? Not that it matters. I think you could crop out the trees and still have a nice image. Rest Up.

I feel like I've been violated!
Oh well. She will pick herself up and live again as an iconic foto subject.

Your red chair is starting to remind me of William Carlos Williams' red wheelbarrow; finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Hope you are feeling better.

That is a great "RED" photo. Only one better is if you had a Coca-Cola delivery truck back with the glorious RED chair.

Really I enjoy getting photos where the only color is RED.

Enjoy your weekend. :)

No need to apologize to us! Hope you are feeling well again. (And strictly in my own self interest, I hope your weekend activity is progressing on schedule.)

I have a few Red Chair Photos of my own. Shared these once a month for several years with my camera club.


The Red Chair: An exhibit by Mike Johnston, photographer.

On the chair you can anchor it with tent spikes through one or two legs. Put weight on the legs at the bottom or on the seat. Set it for the composition you want and keep it there through various storms for your photo series.

Well shoot, I hope that there are many red chair photos to come. My father was in the Navy, which made me a Navy brat, and in the early 70's we lived in Niagara Falls for 3 years. I have such fond memories, both of the place, and the people. We drove through the Finger Lakes region a few times, although I have little recollection as I was 9-12 years-old back then. In 2012 my wife and embarked on a road trip across country and I insisted on a loop through Albany to Cooperstown to Ithaca to Niagara Falls. On the drive from Ithaca to The Falls, we had the most pleasant time as we drove between some of the finger lakes heading north. So very picturesque, and the vineyards were a surprise. You live in a delightful area of the country. Keep the red chair photos coming, but don't forget the other seasons please!

You are romantically involved with the waterfall. Break up with it.

Crop your current photo just below the lowest rock at the right margin.

Looks like the red chair is under the weather.

[ :-) --Mike]

"I don't neglect the red chair, but in blustery weather (we had a windstorm about ten days ago of sufficient force that I lost shingles off the roof of the house and had to have the roof of the covered patio replaced), it repeatedly catches the wind and topples forward. I set it right again and it blows over in the night."

Not sure why, but I had a pleasant, Robert Frost moment reading that little turn-o-phrase.

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