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Friday, 10 March 2017


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Thanks Mike! I had been all set to order from the Book Depository, but noticed that it was listed as paperback. Your right, checking the ISBN, it shows as hardback.

What I ordered from the Book Depository a few days ago (from your link) says "Fred Herzog (paperback)". I've liked Fred Herzog's work for a long time so I'm excited about it either way. It'll be a nice surprise if it's a hardcover in disguise, though. :)

Very interesting. Ordered via Amazon uk.

The bookdepository version is not titled Modern Color.. just "Fred Herzog" - and it's described as "Paperback", 320pp. Could Hatje Cantz have released a budget paperback version?

[No, what they confirmed is that the listing at Book Depository is in error. It's the right date and the right publisher, so it has to be the hardcover.

Anyway I ordered mine from them, so I'll know for sure as soon as it gets here! --Mike]

Thank you Mike.

And thank you Kevin!

Ordered via TOP from the Book Depository. Thanks for the review of his work, I look forward to receiving my copy. Ann

Mine arrived today, and it's everything I'd hoped it would be. Thanks TOP!

Ordered my copy from Amazon UK via the TOP link... arrived the next day. It's an absolute joy, and very good value.

Dang. I ordered mine from the Book Depository then saw that it was "paperback," so I cancelled the order and ordered from an Amazon reseller.

The book and more importantly the "work" of Fred deserves all the promotion it is receiving. My gosh, what a great eye for color and the images of everyday, normal everyday life is exceptional. No movie stars, celeberties, sports icons, just regular folks, it is quite refreshing.

Thanks, Mike. I purchased the Fred Herzog book through your Amazon link. I've been aware of his work for a few years. I'm pleased to add "Modern Color" to my photo book library.

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