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Friday, 10 March 2017


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Maybe we can get Kodak to also bring back 620 spooled film and put all of those old cameras back into use.

I wonder what future past-obsessionists will be trying to reproduce.

I dropped my ancient $25 Russian "Jupiter 8" f2 (or thereabouts) stated to be 85mm on the carpet. The diaphragm came loose, and a large chunk of it is hanging in the middle of the fluctuating schlepmount. With the famous pre scratched, uncoated, front element and Rudolf Dimm effect, it's rarer and far better than the silly mass manufactured Dallmayer. It's the RussMeyer and it's one of a kind, throws better moodlight on your subject

Available @ $1,209.00 plus shipping.


Curious that there is a halo around the subject. Is that from post-processing or the lens?

[I don't see it in the larger image. Most likely some artifact of translating pixels somewhere. --Mike]

They could at least publish a well focussed promo shot...

The originals were made with aluminum? Pretty pricy stuff for the 1860s. To quote the aluminum ass. "Napoleon III, the first President of the French Republic, served his state dinners on aluminum plates. Rank-and-file guests were served on dishes made with gold or silver. "

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