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Thursday, 09 February 2017


I'm one of the big spenders, doling out a mighty $2 a month. : ]

That's less than half of the price of the monthly magazines I stopped buying because they bored me so much. It works out at £1.91 including VAT. Bargain.

I was a juror in a federal trial that involved a high end real estate agent. (Sylvester Stallone was one of her clients!)

While her yearly income was pretty high, her cash flow was spotty between commissions and she depended on credit cards to get through the lean times. This was compounded by the fact that she had a bunch of leeches (including her grown children) that wanted cash every month bleeding her dry.

Be glad Zander is fairly independent!

Death, taxes, etc: I see that European patrons are charged VAT at their domestic rate as well as the amount they pledge!

[Yes, it's a bummer. They appear to do that "just because they can." My family had a lake house for a hundred years in the Midwest, and at the end, the taxes were assessed at a rate of about 4X what locals were charged. The reason? Most lake people didn't live in their cottages year-round and hence didn't vote in the State. No voice, no way to complain. No other reason for the high taxes.

You know what they say: Oh well. --Mike]

No mistake - just making up for the past 10 years of free enjoyment. (I buy too little from Amazon to make much difference to your lifestyle).

I am sure the promise of that pdf of your past writings did not hurt your fundraising at all. It has motivated me, I will follow through today.

While I appreciate your idea, as I've been married for 22 years to my wife, I think that the next 22 might be dependent upon my skipping the use of it.

"Q: What kind of woman will put up with a sixty-year-old man?"

Well . . . I was only 57 when I met Carol. We didn't get around to getting married for about ten years. It'll be 16 years together shortly after my 73rd. birthday.

"If you're a BOGG—beardy old grumpy guy . . . "

There may lie the rub? I was beardy, old by some measures, but young at heart and far from grumpy. Both still true.

Neither beard nor age are barriers to finding a woman who doesn't 'put up' with one, but actively enjoys being together.

Grumpy? Maybe.

As a self-employed ("left a good job in the city...") person, I understand your situation very well. My meager paycheck from the university where I worked was what drove me away. At Many times later however, that "meager paycheck" was sorely missed and seemed not so bad in hindsight.

Regarding retirement plans, mine is to retire when I expire. I also plan to live to 100 or die trying.


Nearing 75, and still working, I have a hard time being willing to accept zero income. So, as long as I have income, I make a weekly buy of PA lottery tickets. But, I call them "retirement tickets."

I am so glad to hear this, Mike. You deserve it for all you do for us.

For all your self-employed readers who haven't come across this tip, it can be a good idea to treat yourself as an employee of your business. Have a business account you pay the money into as it comes in, and pay a regular salary into a personal bank account. Once you have built up a bit of a 'buffer' in the business account, this system will smooth out the ups and downs of income.

I too feel a bit embarrassed being a long time reader, a forgetful Amazon clicker, and exceedingly rare commenter (oh the shame). I figure my modest contribution was the least I could do.

Is "Happy Birthday Mike" in order?

[The big 6-0 in a few weeks. No party for me.... --Mike]

Long overdue, I finally signed up for a piddling mocha's worth a month. You've given me many years of reading pleasure.

I've found contributing to worthwhile causes an effective antidote for the black cloud that's surrounded me since November. The ACLU, MPAC, and a bulk Childfund donation all worthwhile spirit lifters !

Actually, Mike, something like 90% of people work better with a regular pay check which is not even their best month -- just a comfortable amount of live on. The insane notion promoted by sales people that you can get more and more performance/productivity by offering cash incentives is a myth. The top sales people hollow out your customer base, take all the bonuses, then leave. The middle level sales people, who make much the same every month, do it by caring for their customers and the business. Take them off commission and give them the pay check and they will keep doing the same -- looking after the best interests of the business, so long as the business looks after them.

Most people are social creatures who are driven by stuff within themselves and with a group. Cooperation, not competition.

I know myself how stressed I can get running a one man business. Stops production cold.

Te promoters of pure competition never stop to think what driving on the roads would be like if everyone didn't cooperate.

Cheers, Geoff

I was sending US$6 a quarter = A$8.64. I've cancelled the Paypal feed, but unfortunately attempts to set up Patreon result in Error 503 No server available. I'll keep trying later.

I turn 70 tomorrow (12th), I have a beard (snowy white) and yes, I can get quite grumpy. Too grumpy sometimes for people who talk their prattle AT me.

I am a BOGG and feel at home at your BLOG.
Thank you for this.


[ :-) Me too. Now. Then again, I've been dating again. Who know what will happen if I ever get to settle down? --Mike.]

I am on a supportive mode today and can I say it is well worth the minor (or major ... for the $20 per month one) contribution anyone has made.

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