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Wednesday, 15 February 2017


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Cool. Dr. Luong is using a real camera with (gasp, horrors) film. What, no 10^6 megapixels that takes 10 frames per second and some giant 5-1000mm super stabilized zoom lens that guarantees sharp pictures when hand-held in a hurricane? Hmmm, I wonder if something is going on with his slow, methodical, reasoned approach to photography? Hmmm, I wonder if the tripod-haters might benefit from using a tripod?

I requested and got the book for a Christmas present. I was an active memeber of the LF forum for a good many years, and one can only be amazed at the difficulty of getting the proper shot to be a winner, and then add on the physical demands of going to all those places, especially the Alaska parks where there are no roads, a treasure of a book indeed.

Fine photography requires hard work. These are extraordinary photographs.

I purchased the book before its first printing was out and am glad to have done so. It's a wonderful addition to anyone's photography collection and also serves as an incredibly useful reference source. I put it to that use last December when planning my first ever trip to Death Valley National Park.

I've "known" Tuan since becoming a member of and regular participant at his Large Format Photography Forum more than 17 years ago. He's a real gentleman who's generous to a fault. Buy this book!

I'll second Sal Santamaura's comments. I too have "known" Tuan from my own large format days. I ordered this book as soon as I heard about it and have found to be simply extraordinary. I urge everyone to look at it and purchase it. Along with Jack Dykinga's "A Photographer's Life," these are must have photography books.

QT does exceptional work. I have a few small prints from him and saw his show at Photo Central. His main camera is 5x7 and the 24"x30" prints are gorgeous.

"Magnificent project" is right! Zowie! How many people have idly mused about retiring and photographing every U.S. national park? Now how many have actually DONE IT? I'm guessing that the latter divided by the former forms the reciprocal of the former?

As I write this ("tap this", actually) I'm sitting overlooking one of the most beautiful places on Earth. So this plucks a string for me.

Thank you for the excellent (as usual) book notes, Geoff.

In defence of my comment above, I wouldn't begrudge the extra £19.89 if it went to the photographer, who I agree deserves every penny he gets. But it doesn't go to him, it disappears into Amazon's already swollen coffers.

Turns out the book is nearly £8 cheaper in Waterstones anyway.

This book is a masterpiece and a gift to humanity.

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