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Friday, 17 February 2017


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For some reason, I went through it all last week, and then bang, at the very end it wouldn't take my money - I'll try again over the weekend. anyone else having problems with it?

Good morning Mike,

As one of the supporters who switched from Paypal to Patreon —You're welcome!— I received your "mass email" today. When I linked through to Patreon, as invited, to read the message on their site I was required to log in to my non-existent Facebook account.

We may be the last one's in the sentient universe without an account, but as visual artists Cathryn and I have always steered clear of Facebook because of copyright issues. All of this is not a complaint, and your mass email came through just fine, however it might be worth noting that not all your faithful followers (in whose number I surely count myself) will see everything that is sent out via the Facebook route.

[Hi David, That's very curious, and I don't know what that's about. I sent the message from the Patreon site, which allows me to select which patrons I want to email...I just selected everyone. I don't know how it relates to Facebook.

FWIW, I don't use Facebook either, generally. I can never keep up with how it works. --Mike]

I'm skeptical of the initial upwards segment of your value graph. It's most certainly not true of cars (which famously lose 10% or so of their value when first driven off the dealer's lot), and not true of books, cameras or computers in my experience. The price at introduction is, for most items, the highest price it will ever have; only the rare items that do ever become collectible will ever exceed that initial price.

In terms of preserving ones own work, being famous can help. Having your work relate to the famous may help even more; it's very likely that this is the photo of mine most likely to survive 100 years:

It's already the most common "late" photo of the science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein, because there aren't many late ones floating around, and because I released it under a Creative Commons license, and because the photo isn't too bad. (It's mostly shown cropped to just Heinlein's head, which is what you'd expect to head a section Heinlein, but it does the photo no favors I think.)

(It's already 40 years old, so well on the way!)

The email works. There are links to Patreon's Facebook and Twitter accounts in the email which one could click accidentally, especially perhaps on a phone.

Mike, I believe I became your 400th Patreon supporter. Where should I send you my address so you know where to have the Mazda Miata delivered?

[Thanks very much Michel, but the Miata goes to the 1,000th supporter! --Mike]

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