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Saturday, 25 February 2017


Happy Birthday, ol' hoss! Some random stuff: When my grandmother turned 90 I asked her if she was shooting for 100. She replied "Oh no, I don't want to get THAT old!" She lived to 103. One never knows what the future holds.

Last year a young woman on Facebook admired my hummingbird photos and asked if I could help her improve her own photography. Sure thing, always delighted to help a beginner. We were both single, she 49, me 65, too young to date, too old to date, just photo friends don't you see? We got married in December. One never knows what the future holds even when one is in their 60s.

Your 60s could prove to be your most delightful years, Mike.

Happy birthday Mike! 57 is a great year :-) Will be joining you in a few month's time. Sixty is definitely the new Forty!

That's presuming I never visit England, where I would be hit by a bus.

Just remember that we drive on the right side of the road... i.e. the left!

Buon Compleanno! Happy birthday from a reader from Italy!
My ID says I'm 68 (not bad!), sometimes I feel 18 sometimes I feel 99 !
Photography is good in order to feel younger!


Selamat Hari Lahir Mike. Many Happy Returns.

[Maylay! (According to Google Translate.) Very cool. Thanks, Mus. --Mike]

That's what I get for not reading blog over the weekend when you don't post! :D Hope you had a great and Happy Birthday and that this Monday morning is a find start to the rest of your many years to come.

I'm 63, I can barely remember 60. Happy B-day. Now you start saying all kinds of stuff and people will put up with it. Freedom at last.

Среќен Роденден Мајк! That would be Happy Birthday Mike in Macedonian. I wouldn't bother much about the right angle at 114. At the time you reach 110 they would have figured it out how to keep those cells dividing undamaged. Isn't it strange that although life expectancy has grown steadily we somehow assume that it will not in future. I for myself (now 41) am expecting that my generation will reach 120 in average even without disruptive breakthroughs in medicine. A lot of people (even Google) are investing a lot of money in prolonging life, not only because prolonging life will surely be a massively lucrative endeavor. So lookout for that bus and prepare yourself for at least 60 more years of TOP!

A belated happy birthday, Mike. I just turned 40 10 days ago. I've recently been shooting my Pentax MX a lot more. I'll just pretend that MX are the Roman numerals for 40. Btw, I'm learning to shoot with the MX and 50mm/1.7. What are some great Pentax M lenses? I think one day I'll get the 28mm/3.5 and either the 100mm/2.8 or 135mm/3.5. All 3 look like they give great results from what B&W sample photos I see online. The 28mm/3.5 may not be fast but it looks nice and compact. I also like the underdog feel to the Pentax brand and how it keeps the old lenses prices down. What digital cameras are as fun to shoot as this MX? I like fiddling with manual controls so I'm guessing I'm SOL on that in digital.

Enjoy the next 54 years! I'm glad we get more optimistic with age as I've been pessimistic for 40 years now!

Happy birthday Mike. When I turned 60 I felt a bit depressed for a while since I thought now I was really going downhill. During those days, when people asked me, "how are you today?" I used to answer: worst than yesterday but better than tomorrow. But then I realized that one is going downhill since the moment one is born, and I felt better.

Either I'm aging rapidly or your writing has gotten younger these past few years.

Ten years ahead of you, Mike, having it the seven ball in December. You can do it!

But those Internet "What age will you die at?" thingies? I took one last week. It said I have been dead for nine years.

I'm always the last to know...

You're right, Mike......60 really is a milestone, one of the memorable biggies. I seem to recall having celebrated my 60th just a few short months ago. Although my ID says I'm 71. (Scratches head.)

Anyway, hope you had a good one, belated Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Mike! I hit 67 this year. Only 12 years or so to MTBF for the average American male. Beef, check, bacon, check, single malt whiskey, check. Ten servings of vegetables daily? No Way In Hell.

Happy Birthday, Mike! And many happy returns of the day!!

My dad used to say that we are always 35 inside our heads. And so we are.

(Belated) congratulations, Mike! May you keep enjoying life for many more decades, and may you keep posting entertaining, interesting and funny comments at this blog (or elsewhere) for all those decades.

qoSlIj DatIvjaj!

That's Klingon for Happy Birthday!

Couldn't resist.

Have many, many, more...

Hopefully over the next 54 years life expectancy will develop for you to complete the "second 60".

Happy Birthday Mike

Thought you might enjoy AA Gill's commentary on your common milestone:


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