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Saturday, 25 February 2017


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Well happy birthday Mike! I don't know what you did to celebrate but I'll bet it's not what you expected when you turned, say, 30. For better or worse.

Be sure to grab a self portrait.

Hey, birthday! Heavy, man.

I'm 17 months behind you and running as fast as I can.


Happy birthday, Mike!

Congrats- more or less...

Not a club I would've ever signed up for, but you know... the alternative. Definitely, do not wanna go past 80, eh 81 maybe- but that's it!

Most of the cancers and other afflictions we get are due to 2 things: the crap we eat, and the exercise we don't get.

I feel for those being born today as we continue to rape and ravage this planet of every last resource in sight, and then some. They inherit the bitter remains of what once was...

Happy Birthday Mike.

Look both ways before stepping off that curb, and don't rely on your ears... says he with a pair of twisted forks on his favourite old bicycle (I was on the correct side of the road).

Happy birthday, Mike. Sixty is kind of a big deal. I know, as I'm ahead of you by two months and a few days. In the scheme of things we're still young. As your senior I can assure you of that.

When you wrote recently about your younger years, saying the young have hopes, I thought, yeah, sure, it's easy for the young to have hopes. When you're twenty, ten years represents half a lifetime. You think, at that age, that if you haven't pretty much conquered the world by the time you reach thirty there must be something wrong. Then thirty rolls around and you think, what the hell just happened? Maybe I'd better recalibrate.

When I was 41, I met this fascinating American woman in India. She was from New York but had been living in India, in Mumbai, for twenty-three years, studying Indian antiquities. She was 72 years old, and knew the city and its art world like the back of her hand. Over a two week period we got to know each other pretty well. At some point she asked me what I hoped to accomplish with the rest of my life. When I'd finished telling her - it was a pretty lengthy list of things - she looked at me and said, "How much time do you think you have? I was 41 yesterday afternoon." That's when I began to think, Hmmm, maybe I'd better recalibrate again.

It might seem highly unlikely now, but given the almost exponential development of computing power, AI, and Life Sciences know-how, it's by no means outside the realm of possibility that many of we sixty-year-olds might live beyond 120 (assuming this 114 year limit you mention isn't one). In which case we're now middle aged, and at 125 will be saying to ourselves, "If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have gotten more done, and had more fun." But just in case we don't, we'd better get busy now.

Well, happy birthday then, and here's to many more. Today our paper ran a profile on the world's oldest hockey player, who happens to live in Duluth. He's 95 and will be featured in an upcoming Nokia commercial.


He fought in WWll under Patton, and says 75% of exercise is getting out the front door. He also said it's important to stay in touch with the younger generation.

well done that man !! no excuses now for not doing what you want to do... fancy
happy birthday

Happy Birthday !

Happy birthday Mike!

I turned 60 nearly 4 years ago, and it hurt a bit.

But at 63, I consider myself to be 21 for the third time. I think I am as sharp as ever (of course, wife and kids may dispute). I may be older than most of the folks I work with, and maybe not as smart, and often not as tolerant to change -- but I have A LOT more experience than most and in my profession (consulting) that counts for plenty.

Oh yeah -- after 50+ years of photography, I think I have hit my sweet spot.

With various health issues (few in the family history) I may not live to be 100, but you never know. Looking back though, I did things I never expected (good and bad), went places that I could not imagine, have a great wife and two great daughters (and a dog who loves me without reservation) and I think my life to now has been lived well.

Regrets, I have a few, but then again, too few to mention.

Happy birthday Mike!
I hope your having a enjoyable day, maybe with friends or family. Take some pictures! Do something crazy!!

Someone (forget just now who is was) suggested that time is relative. If I at age 74 knew exactly what that means, I'd worry about it a bit more (BTW I'm a PhD physicist). Most likely a few upcoming medical "improvements" will allow my doctors and insurance agents to derive additional benefit from my upcoming and extended demise. In the interim, I'm not going to set aside time to worry about it. Just keep making pix, sailin', listenin' to music, etc.). Not to worry.

Congratulations! 60 was the first 'round number' birthday that I found kind of a big deal.

As for being hit by a bus in England—I'm surprised you're still alive here. This idea that you can know which way to look when you're at the edge of a street is badly wrong. First, some streets are one-way (like the one I live on). Second, even if you never make a mistake about whether the street you're on the left side of is one-way, there are people driving the wrong way occasionally; on my street, I even see fire engines going up it the wrong way every few months.

Always look both ways before crossing the street!

Happy Birthday Mike.

Glad you made it.


a) Congratulations! Your right about the perception of turning 60. I've been a hell of lot more relieved since I hit my 60s.

B) what's this about being hit by a bus in England? I have spent almost all of my 66 years in England (ok, there was 9 months in Scotland) and I have never been hit by a bus. Have I just been lucky?

Happy Birthday Mike!

Happy Birthday! Go get one of those Miata's to celebrate.. J

Congratulations on your 60th birthday, Mike.
And thanks for the tip on life expectancy calculators. I didn't know such things existed. One of them says I'll live to be 86. I wonder what will be left of photography in 2050.

Take it from me, 60 is the new 60.

"...I think what it signifies is that I've abruptly been transmogrified from an increasingly cranky, increasingly creaky, increasingly old- and worn-out-looking middle-aged guy to a really healthy, really energetic, really young-looking old guy..."

Nice try Mike. With both newly born males and you having a life expectancy of a bit under 79 years, "middle age" happened at around age 39.4. I'm slightly more than three years your senior; we've both been old guys for quite some time. :-)

"...Family history of disease is interesting. Despite its importance to us, it's something most people don't pay much attention to..."

Just like wealth (e.g. see Bill Gates), health-related life span is a function of how well we pick our parents. I've long estimated that I'll live three to five years longer than my parents did, mostly on the basis of extra credit for good behavior. That and the benefit of hindsight looking back on what they did wrong when the fallout of their earlier lifestyle choices could have been better managed/treated.

"...I see turning 60 as a good thing..."

It sure beats not turning 60 when one's date of birth was 60 years earlier! :-)

60 is so 2 years ago. (me anyway) My dad passed on at age 49 and my mom at age 60 so please understand I was hoping I could make it this far. I feel pretty good for the age and with a bit of luck I have a few more birthdays waiting.

Anyway congrats on hitting the big 60 Mike and I hope you have a few more as well.

Happy 60th. Now go out an take 60 photos this weekend to celebrate the event. Great coverage on the new Fuji. I guess I will have to stick with my Pentax medium format and my original and still working Canon 300D. Say, how old in human years is a 2004 Canon 300D Rebel?

[92. --Mike]

After reading the first five comments and realizing that the one I submitted a while ago (not yet posted) failed to say "happy birthday," this 'correction' and explanation is provided.

Happy Birthday!

Several decades ago, on a ridiculously quick business trip of four thousand miles round trip, the person who insisted I go for that one hour meeting confessed why he really wanted me there. It was to take me to dinner at a famous local restaurant.

During the meal, as many such establishments are wont to do, servers gathered at a nearby table, delivering cake and singing "Happy Birthday." At the conclusion, my host, who has an Italian surname but a British mother, dryly commented "Humph, another year closer to death."

Ever since I've been reluctant to dispense the greeting. However, given that failure to do so is commonly interpreted as 'not nice,' please accept or ignore it, whichever you feel appropriate. :-)

Congrats on 60. My favorite phrase these days is: "Oh, to be 70 again".

Dear Mike -

Happy 60th. You've entered the age where numbers take on almost mystical significance.

At the beginning of February I turned 76, so it was a year ago that I celebrated a landmark birthday. Little did I know that halfway through that year I would get the birthday present of a lifetime: a stroke. Although I initially suffered temporary symptoms of aphasia - loss of speech - the stroke left me with no residual effects. More importantly, it allowed my doctors to discover a time bomb: a 90% blockage in my left carotid artery. I had surgery, and seven months along my recovery seems to be complete.

More importantly however, the stroke frightened me into changing my lifestyle, particularly my diet - what and how much I eat - after more than 30 years of struggling with all kinds of different diets and food plans to no lasting effect. To use a photo analogy, it's kind of like customizing the settings of my camera internally to get the results I want instead of having to wrestle with every exposure after the fact in Photoshop.

As a result, over the last seven months I've lost nearly 60 pounds, with none of the struggle that always attended whatever diet I was on (in the 32 weeks since I began there hasn't been a single week where I've put weight back on).

I was morbidly obese, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type-II Diabetes. Walking was painful. I was dragging ass. Now my symptoms are diminishing (along with the meds I'm taking for them). Now I'm only 25 - 30 pounds overweight - edging into a normal sized body, and by next summer I plan to be down to within 10 pounds of what I weighed when I was in the Marine Corps half a century ago. Now my energy is great. Walking is much easier and - can I say it? - even becoming enjoyable.

Oh, and I'm taking lots more photos now.


I wish you a very happy birthday. Cheers! We, your readers, like you, appreciate what you bring to Photography, and wish you the very best for a long long time.

Like a Miata and a Leica Monochrom.

Happy birthday, Mike. I'm a year and about 5-and-a half months ahead of you. When I do those health quizzes I get anywhere from 85 to 95, which scares the heck out of me. I should lose points for all the wine I drink.

Will I be able to do high intensity weight lifting once a week in my 80s? I have no idea. But I started 3 years ago and every week my trainer increases the weight or reps. I have not hit the wall yet. But one of these days...

Happy Barfday. It's all downhill from here.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mike.

I have all sorts of clever advice for you, but I'll skip that in favor of saying this: I read you blog every day, and have done so for years. It is a good blog. You do good work, and you should be proud of it. I hope you've had a good birthday, and I hope you will have many more good ones.


A very Happy 60th Birthday to you, Mike!

From reading your posts over the last 5 years that I've been following, it seems that you have been on a path towards better eating and greater activity. IRS RMD tables for single life expectancy say you've got 26 more years. So, make them good ones!

My 75th was just 2 days ago, and I am happy to be here. Both of my parents died in their very early 50's, but my mother's sister, my aunt, was almost 98 when she died. The differences can be attributed to how well each took care of themselves, so despite what looks like a scary genetics-based prognosis for me, I stand a very good chance of hitting, and possibly exceeding, that same table's 88.4 years for my present age. The funny thing is, the longer you live, the better your chances of living longer. Moral of the story: Don't be like the guy who in his 90's said, "If I had known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself."

Happy Birthday Mike !

Happy Birthday!

I'm a bit of a technology fan so I'd like to live a bit longer to see where technology goes. I'd like to see where robot technology can go and what good it can do and I'd like to live long enough to have one of the great questions answered... are we alone in the universe. I hope we're not and I hope they're friendly.

Happy Birthday! עד מאה ועשרים

Transliteration: Ad me-ah v'esrim.
Translation: may you live until 120.

It's a traditional jewish blessing on one's birthday... You're halfway there!

Happy Birthday Mike. Hopin you make it to that 89. You keep writin I'll keep readin. I am a decade ahead of you, so I might need someone to read your blog to me

Happy Birthday Mike,
I live across the date line so am a day ahead of you anyway ( also 15 years ahead).
Don't listen to these youngsters your age.
Just do it.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! I'm 10 years behind you (minus a couple of days). Congrats on the new decade and may there be many more!

A very good year in Chinese astrology as well (the same sign and years ruling element only happen every 60 years). Really unlikely to see that twice, but you never know. Turning 50 a couple of weeks ago means I have 10 years before I turn young again. Cool.

Well. A Fire Rooster like me (1957, right?). My wife tells me that for your year (a Rooster year), you should wear some red all the time, and especially for your element/year, which only happens every 60 years. The Chinese usually wear a red string or cord with some jade on it, and it's best if it is given to you as a present.

Take care,

Happy 60!
I've got more than a decade on you and offer some advice that has done well by me.
FRom the original "Whole Earth Catalog" - you are what you eat.
From Michael Polan- don't eat anything your grandma would not recognize - NO junk or prepared foods.
Prefer organic foods. Lots of veggies. Healthy breads- not Wonder Bread.
And avoid doctors at all costs! Live a healthy lifestyle that allows you to avoid them. Hospitals and doctor's offices are hotbeds of dangerous organisms - that's what patients bring to them. 99% of the tests doctorss recommend are BS, just additional profit for them.
Get your butt out and walk, the best exercise, you have a dog and that should do it. Never sit at the computer for more than 45 minutes.
Keep your mind busy - I have written 5 books, over 200 magazine articles in the last decade and ain't getting senile yet!

Happy birthday young feller!

"Happy Barfday. It's all downhill from here."

Yeah well, us sexagenarians may be 'over the hill', but at least we've seen the view from the top.

Happy Birthday, young (well, three years younger than me) Mike!

Happy birthday young man. This 72 year is just getting ready to cycle today, with an 83 year old; he tells me he does not feel old!

I will remember that when I get to his age.

Happy birthday Mike.

Happy Birthday Mike! Have a lovely day!

Regarding catching up with the life expectancy of a newborn baby, unfortunately this is not quite true... it's your conditional probability that has increased, because you've already made it to 60 which means you can't die at a younger age any more..

In contrast, the probability of the life expectancy for the newborn includes possible death before 60! So today's newborns, once they reach your age, will indeed have a much longer life expectancy (I'd guess around 90 years!).

This is well known as the "Cardinal's pardox" in life table calculations. All Cardinals typically live to very old age - but not necessarily because of the benefits of catholic faith but because when you are appointed Cardinal you are already quite old! Which filters out all with weak health and those who are already dead..


Happy 60 Mike.
Its the beginning:)

Thankfully your birthday is not February 29th!
You'd be of what age?
When my 60 appeared my Lupus had been confirmed
two weeks prior with all the related problems. Now eleven years later having experienced major cancer, loss of a few organs, four years of chemo for cancer and Celulitus in both legs making walking difficult and Type II diabetes
am still here.
Bottom line every day vertical and alive is good, hence to you sir a Very Happy Birthday.
May you and your writings be here for many years to come!

> The life expectancy calculator doesn't ask whether you
> could overcome the habit of a lifetime and look to the
> right to see if a bus is coming before you step into the
> street in the United Kingdom.

Fortunately, the UK Tourism Board realized that having overseas tourists killed in droves was bad for repeat business, and took measures to remind said overseas visitors of a basic rule:


Happy birthday, lad - didn't know that I'm exactly one week older than you...


We share a birthday if not the actual date, so happy birthday of yesterday to us! I was 70 last year and found that harder to take than being 60 something, so this year I have decided I'm 69 again. Slightly more commensurate with how I feel! If I keep going backwards I'll be 25 when I fall off your cliff...

Key thing is to keep learning (and keep active and eating well, but that applies for all ages). I'm hoping to get slightly less middle of the road in my photography... it's a dangerous place either side of the pond!

Happy birthday and many happy returns, Mike. Don't fee; bad about having the life expectancy of today's newborn -- in face, you had most of it in your own life the moment you got past about 5 years of age. Infant and toddler deaths due to various diseases ripped the tripes out of life expectancy, which is basically an "average" figure, with early deaths dragging the numbers down. With mass immunization (mainly) removing the vast majority of early deaths, the figures has moved up.

My experience was that 69 was a pretty good birthday, and at 75, I'm definitely starting to feel old(er) -- aches and pains here and there, fitness is harder to maintain, and recovery takes so much longer.

But there are still things to do and photos to be taken (I’m planning an assault on Kabiu/Kombiu volcano in Rabaul at Easter -- should have climbed it in my early 20s when I was here), and it is still way ahead of the only alternative on offer!

Cheers, Geoff

I'll be 80 next year. You have a couple of great decades ahead of you. You're in good health, in control of your time, have lots of living space. Forget about plenty of money, the law of diminishing returns applies.

Eat well and not too much, and get out of the front door. Yes, it has been said already. Can't be said too often.

Best wishes

Happy Birthday!

All I can say is enjoy your friends and family as much as possible.

My mom died at age 52, my lone sibling (older brother) died at 54, my dad passed at 86. Apparently even numbers are dangerous in my family!

(I turn 56 this year, should I be worried?) ;)

Mike, please accept my belated birthday wishes. I think you are unduly pessimistic about getting older. I'm in my mid-sixties and feel about forty, with energy levels to match. That might be one of the benefits of over thirty years' running. Unlike many, I didn't give up when I hit middle age. The median age of my friends on Facebook is about thirty-five, so it's also about attitude too. I'm less worried about my demise now than I was when I was forty. Indeed the only thing that really frightens me about getting old is the potential for dementia. I hope I have the courage to take the Roman way out if that happens. Perversely, one of the benefits of growing older is that I seem to have lost the bouts of depression that followed me around like Churchill's black dog for most of my adult life. So my dear Mike get out there and live! Sorry if this reads like one of those self improvement texts, it's not intended to be, just a positive message from one mildly introspective photographer to another.

happy birthday!

I've wondered about our fascination of age for quite awhile....I don't get it

statistically I was supposed to die next year sometime...so I preemptively retired about twenty years early

as you noted the numbers have changed, so I guess we'll just have see

I figured if I had fun and ...well, if had fun I would have a minimum of regrets when it came time to die, we'll have to see about that as well

so here I am in my sixties

I've loved beautiful women
helped make beautiful children
loved and lived with beautiful dogs
painted beautiful pictures
written beautiful words
and yes, taken beautiful photographs

the rest is just gravy

Happy Belated! I usually check in on Saturdays, but this time I didn't. Oops!

Happy Birthday! Just look both ways and you'll be right.

Happy Birthday Mike, you young whipper snapper. Soon you'll be able to say "Get off my Lawn!" with conviction.

Happy big day reaching 60 years, Mike.

To reach the cool 90th bash, hang to health and wealth.

Happy birthday, Mike. Keep on truckin'.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday Mike, and wishing you many happy reformats for the decade ahead!

The best advice I can give you? Keep walking! (Did you hear that, Butters? I'll trust you to make sure it happens. Every. Day.)

PS it's never too late to shoot some more film :)

Mike, I forgot to say, treat yourself to something special on this special big number birthday - not gear, but an experience that has personal meaning to you which you'll remember.. 60 is a good time to forget about GAS and concentrate on doing things that you've always wanted to do, and which give you deep satisfaction. Your good health may not last forever. Do something special, while you still can. Make 60 a year of a memorable experience.

Happy (belated) birthday, Mike!

Happy Birthday. Have a great day. Take some pictures.

Happy birthday, Mike! All your readers -let me say friends- wish you all the best for the next sixty! To infinity and beyond!!!

Happy birthday and thank you for being you!

A happy belated birthday, Mike. As usual, I'm a day late on reading your blog. That happens to you a lot as you get older--being a day late for stuff.

My own birthday is the day before yours and I turned 69. I don't feel or look a day over 79 myself. While I've been pretty healthy all my life, the last year hasn't been real good for me but I'm hoping things are starting to improve. If we both can maintain our health and you make it to 114, I'll try to remember to wish you happy birthday a little earlier.

Happy birthday Mike! I like to think that reading TOP is helping extend my life expectancy. I love a good coffee and relaxing with your writings.

We have an expression in Jewish culture that we wish people on their birthday: "You should live to 120" (the age to which Moses lived). Old Jewish joke: What do you wish someone who reaches that 120: "Have a nice day."

Happy birthday for yesterday - I hope you have bought yourself a birthday present. (I always buy myself a present.)

Happy birthday, Mike! As your elder (by +14 months), I'll remind you that, regardless of your own longevity, and in the immortal words of Jim Morrison, no one gets out of here alive. In the meantime, enjoy the day, and celebrate life. It's an amazing thing!

Happy birthday, Mike!!!

Good news, you're still younger than my husband!

Thanks for this blog, your voice, your generosity and your championing of excellent photography and photographers, both famous and obscure.

You are the very definition of Emerson's success:

“What is success?
To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate the beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch Or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!”

I wish you a belated happy birthday!

I'm 13 years ahead of ya and still kicking. Happy birthday and keep on kicking yourself!

Happy birthday Mike!

One of your longtime readers from Germany


Just another shutter speed ... Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mike! Keep on blogging' :-)

CONGRATULATIONS Mike and hope its a HAPPY HAPPY Bday full of Sunshine, Laughter and Friends. I'm 15 years ahead of you. My 60th Bday present was a layoff notice from my job as a high-tech manager. Big life change to a much happier, healthier, stress free life. Hope your is too.

Congrats and all that from someone on the cusp of 65.

But the following words did not scan well for me: “… I know very little about Photoshop either.”

It could be because I speak and write in Australian English, a sometimes awkward hybrid of the English and US forms; to quote Oscar Wilde (or George Bernard Shaw!), “England and the US are two countries divided by a common language.”

I would substitute “too” or “as well”—“either” comes across as rather oppositional to me. But many ‘Seppo-isms’ sound odd to my ears, as many of my phrases would to an inhabitant of North America!

Fun story in the Guardian from 2014 about differences: https://www.theguardian.com/media/mind-your-language/2014/oct/10/mind-your-language-american-english

Origin of ‘seppo’: http://onlineslangdictionary.com/meaning-definition-of/seppo

Happy birthday, Mike! Love today's essay, and TOP in general. (From one who is getting uncomfortably close to today's life expectancy.)

Happy birthday, Mike!

You, and the entire TOP cast & crew (A happy birthday to those other Mikes working hard behind the scenes.), have added valuable time onto my life. How I experience and consider photography, and practice my own, have benefited from your efforts. Thank you, and many well wishes for the year, and years, ahead!

You are on rare form with this one today. Old age has energized your writing in a way that no new lens ever has. Well done!

Happy birthday, Mike. Boomers like us are uniquely lucky to have benefited from the trials and sacrifices of our parents' (the greatest) generation -- not to mention, enjoyed the golden age of analog and witnessed the mainly successful, if fitful, transition to digital.

Happy Birthday PS
I forgot to remind you that there needs to be Cake
and Whipped Cream (not the spray can kind)
and friends& Family
Fresh berries are good too
Short bread too
and really good Ice Cream
and Italian Riccotta Cheesecake (which you can eat for breakfast the next morning,,,,

And rather than a Day, 60 can be a Festival
You've earned it.

I'll turn 70 in May, it's been working for me

First, Happy Birthday. My father made it to 98 and would have lived longer had it not been for a nasty fall. His mother made it to 104. So the genes are there but I have a strike (or two) against me. Ten years ago I got an aortic heart valve replacement (long story) which should keep me going for several more years. However, I'm 76 now so around 80 I'll need another one. If I survive that, I should push 90 or so. 60? Piece of cake. Blow out the candles and enjoy the day.

"For a middle-aged guy I ain't all that, but for an old dude, I rock."

That's the spirit! Happy Birthday, Mike!

Well a very Happy Birthday man! I am very glad that you are a) optimistic and b) nearby.

I also feel better about my age and possibilities for the coming year. I should be retired about now, but can't quite yet afford it - when I do retire, man do I have "projects" in mind!

So here's to the next XX number of years for both of us. Maybe you'll get better at guessing the age of others while you're at it! :)

Happy Birthday! I wish that I could remember sixty - it really flies by as you get older.

Mike, Happy Birthday, just turned 70 myself this year so I completely understand the anxiety of getting older. The good news is we made it this far, the bad news is we are older. Do as I do and look at each day/year as a gift to be saviored and not to be wasted. I always remind myself of that whenever I feel bored. Still lots to accomplish and more pictures to take and process. Enjoy the years ahead and carry a camera. Eric


I'm glad to hear somebody is enjoying ageing. To me, getting old is a bitch. Happy birthday.

Have a great decade!

Happy Birthday, Mike!

My advice would be to treat yourself to a nice day out shooting.

Happy birthday Mike, I'm 2 years younger and catching up quickly!

Gratulerer med dagen! :-) (happy birtday in norwegian). Looking forward to your next 60 years of life delivering this wonderful website and much more. All the best! Anders

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Happy B-day, Mike! I'm glad that you're not slowing down or contemplating retirement. So let me add (ahem), your Patreon account is proof that many of us need you around to point the way.

Happy LX (of the non-Pentax sort)! I reached that plateau last month. With a dad that made 95+ and mom now 94 I have the best possible Irish genes, the rest is up to me.

re. buses: I recall driving in Ireland in 2001 and chanting "left turn good, right turn bad" at every intersection..

Happy birthday Mike! What a great way of announcing your 60th birthday, with a great post. That's a gift all by itself.

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