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Wednesday, 08 February 2017


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I hate subscriptions! I hate subscriptions! I had repeated year after year but, once my purchases at amazon.co.uk were less and less frequent I ended up deciding to subscribe last month via PayPal. Such a short relationship! Good bye PayPal, hello Patreon.

PS. If only you were affiliated to Amazon Spain... your Leica S would be much closer. Just kidding.

Mike, I added a small Patreon donation. It's not much but it is better than nothing and I hope it goes a small way to saying "thank you" for your content, not to mention the patience I'm sure I've strained with some of my commentary.

I thank you so very much for TOP. It's nice to have a place that is simply about photography and is as nearly platform agnostic as this is. I learn a lot here as a result.

Just followed your procedure to cancel my Paypal scheduled payment and create a Patreon contribution. One minor point of confusion, your linked Patreon page doesn't have a "Become a Patron" until you're logged on. The button label was "Unlock" until I created an account and logged on.

[Thanks Jim, I changed the post to reflect this. --Mike]

Hi Mike,

I used to do the Paypal thing years ago---but it somehow got messed up. This is a good reminder---this is one of my favorite places on the web, and you need a Miata. Pledged!!!!


I would just add that Patreon makes it VERY easy to provide TOP with support as a patron. You also get a statement every month from them.


Switch done! The Dutch government is also happy with the switch as i now pay 21% VAT on my pledge. Good thing they spend it on building dikes, roads, my salary and other mostly useful stuff!


Mike - happy to move my donation across to Patreon from Paypal. Less happy to discover I am now charged VAT, under the EU's 2015 rules on how VAT is charged on digital services. For the first time since 23rd June last year, I can see one teeny, tiny potential benefit of Brexit...

(And who knew you were a 'digital service'? Fancy!)

Wow, looks like this was a successful fundraising drive. I suggest making a little plea every quarter or so and perhaps this will become one of your larger income sources one day.

I also support The Candid Frame podcast through Patreon. Paypal takes it from me, then Patreon divides it up. Hopefully using the Paypal to Patreon pipeline doesn't mean less to the intended.

Okay Mike you've convinced me to contribute, lets hope others do as well, a very small price to pay for your excellent site in my opinion.

Have you done any analysis of the web traffic data? How many of those views are from returning people and how many are drive by's? The returning viewers are the real number you should be looking at. Also have you done any analysis on how long people stay on your site? Anything less than a minute is again another drive by. Views as a number mean practically nothing in a business sense.

Just an FYI, my Paypal page looks nothing like the one in the link you provided. (I.e. there is no Profile->More options->My money, etc.) I suspect that tutorial is out of date with the current site design.

Instead, I clicked on one of the payments made to you under my activity list, and selected "Manage The Online Photographer Payments". This took me to a page where I could cancel the subscription.

make that 163

It might also be a good idea for you to set up a Bitcoin and Ethereum donation address.

So is Mike referring to the absolute path to the interpreter #! or the Ricky Martin song, or an archaic reference to a shed or hut?

And what is paypal horror are you alluding to and how does Patreon avoid said horror? I put out a Paypal tip jar and much to my surprise people are very generous and now I'm worried.
So many questions, mostly interested in the last.

Oh, and congrats on the NYTimes picking up the Dorothea Lange story.

Thanks for the reminder. I wasn't a paying supporter before, but am a daily reader and really really appreciate your posts. Happy to contribute to your continued endeavors!

Done. Easy. Keep the kibble flowing, and I'll keep those big bucks rolling in to you!

Thanks for letting us know -- I moved my subscription over too. Definitely money well spent.

Happy to support via Patreon (which supports me in a minor way). I was never too keen on PayPal for this kind of subscription.

Now up to 248, now I've signed up to Patreon. You are getting the same amount as when I subscribed via Paypal.

Mike, your set is worth supporting for all that it has given over the years but my Paypal subscription stopped for some reason. Of course I'd meant to go to Patreon since you started it but just never quite did, until now. So, a useful prompt, I think, and perhaps something you need to do every 6 month or so.

Is there a way to make one-time payments, once per year, say, or whenever? I'd rather contribute that way that set up subscriptions.

I followed your link to the Patreon page but the orange button says let me in rather than become a Patreon. and then the next window shows the default 1.00 rewards page. I would think this page should be the choices between monthly and per creation pay? Did I do something wrong? Like to help...
-Bob G.

I'm with Nick, happy to be paying my (only 20% in the UK) VAT. My wonderful late father said 'pay your taxes promptly, no more than you should, and pay them gladly'.

Just done the switch as well and noticed Patreon offers the option of paying through... PayPal. Would that end up causing the same headache as direct PayPal contribution?

[No. That works fine.

And thank you. --Mike]

Monthly income is erratic. So how may I make the occasional one-time contribution?

Hope that went ok. What is Patreon ....how does it work differently to paypal

Hi Mike, I did the switch. Discovered I've been a Paypal subscriber to TOP since 2012! My how time flies. Anyway, here's to another five years (at least). Hope you reach your goal of 1,000 patrons.

I went to Patreon but there was no "Become a Patron" button. Instead, it had a button reading "Pay to Pledge". Is this the same thing?

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