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Monday, 27 February 2017


It's good to know there are professional options available when it comes to toilet paper.

PS. This was a very enjoyable article!

Mike I have to disagree with your assessment that Apple is no longer making computers for pros. I see they are not meeting your needs, which is a shame, but they’re actually meeting my needs in particular and I’m a working pro – for over ten years now. It’s a refrain I hear often, especially since the unwarranted but overdue (Apple gets this every three of four years or so) uproar over the new MacBook Pros which I believe was totally unwarranted and only from a certain sector of the online media. Most of my friends are very tempted by the new laptops. And it’s an uproar over Apple that I’ve heard many times before. And I do not believe that it would not have happened under Steve Jobs rein which I often hear too. People have a very short memory and tend to forget that this is exactly what Apple is about. Remember the original iMac with only a newfangled USB connection that virtually no peripherals existed for. What a flop that was. Personally the new laptops are an exact answer to my needs for mobile computing, though obviously not everyones. I’m using a powerful and fully calibrated 5k iMac 27” desktop for my main work, I just upgraded it to 32Gb of RAM and it’s a beast handling 42 megapixel photos in 16 bits with grace. So I require a fairly powerful but very light laptop for my mobile computing. I was very tempted to buy a Microsoft tablet but I’m glad I held off. as it was not quite perfect.

A video editing friend of mine has the Mac Pro and is very happy with it’s performance and I do not see how you can claim it’s not a true pro computer. There really doesn’t exist the same demand for internal card that there used to be and even then that was a small demand. I was a creative director in advertising for about ten years previous to my working as a photographer and even though we had an external IT company if we ran into trouble as I was very well versed in Macs I used to trouble shoot most of our minor problems. And also spec the Macs that we would purchase for all the art directors, and I was in charge of upgrading them too. At one time I had about 8 art directors working under me. We handled high end advertising, though no video editing, so we had pretty high end needs. I remember the furore when years ago Apple reduced the number of internal slots from four to three as they made their towers a little more svelte. Shock horror! However in all the years I ordered and upgraded probably over 30 computers I never once ordered a card. We only ever upgraded RAM and hard drives. And these days there are such powerful graphics card options and such an amazing array of external HDs and internal flash storage I really don’t think anyone is at a loss. I also do 4k video editing, but quite short corporate videos, and find the iMac no slouch. And I personally prefer the external HD options. I don’t really want all my files on an internal drive but that’s a personal preference for very boring reasons I shall not go into here. So while I lament the fact that Apple are no longer answering your needs I do not agree with the refrain at the moment of the very vocal online media (who have a need to write about these things in a particular way and echo what every other else is writing - not referring to you Mike) I believe Apple is making machines for pros, just for the pros of tomorrow not of yesteryear.

I'm not a power user, but I've been quite happy with my late 2015 37" 5K iMac which also drives a 1024 HP secondary display. The iMac isn't maxed out for memory (yet) so large loads aren't as snappy as I would like. But I will get to more RAM at some point.

And my late 2011 MBA runs just fine. I just don't use it for heavy photo editing. It has taken every OS upgrade in stride.

After owning some thirty different mac in close to thirty years, this is a very interesting conclusion. I use the same setup (2012 minis with SSD) for my base computer also - with one at home and another at my office. The SSD or the RAM is getting a bit funky with age, but they are easy to replace. Why can't Apple make a new decent box, five years later?

I bought a 27" iMac back in 2011. It's still going strong, however it's processing power has been insufficient for photo editing since about 2012. I deal with the slowness.

I can't see myself dropping another $2,000 on a computer to upgrade to the newer model, despite the wonderful screen and ease of use. The price is simply too high compared to the PC options. In retrospect I can't believe I bought the iMac the first time around!

CNET reports that Tim Cook promises to do more for pro users


Pod caster and long-time Mac user Dan Benjamin has recently created a site to document his Hackentosh build. It's at http://hackintoshmethod.com/

As an iMac user myself, one who wants a newer, faster computer, I'm sorely tempted.

I bit the bullet and bought a 2010 Mac Pro last week! It was amazing to see it work like nothing else I have owned since 1993.

Other than Apple II, those Macintosh ... Mac Portable ... all compared nothing to the desktop of the 2010! (Or for that matter 2009 or even before.). You can sense a Steve Job there. Finally get a computer, a proper one.

You can use 6 hard drive (I use 4TB enterprise class) and then two SSD on the PCIe i.e. 8 drives.

Then replace the old gpu with a last but one generation (no driver for 1080 etc.) and get a 48 GB memory. All done. (I should have got a 12 CPU one but then not sure it works or not and not dare to try.)

It is really more than fine.

And just got a Synology 4815+ ... I think all the photo and video since 1996 can be available. Take a bit to tidy up I think but the key is it worked.


I do not know what I am seeing except my dear super commander and commander-mother is in charge. This year is quite ok (I do not see La La Land but see a few others).

But Manchester by the sea ... what a movie. I like the boy actor very much. That is a proper kid not those one in the movie. You do not think you are seeing a movie but a human story being told. And a real kid not give a s**t of those adult struggle. They are human too.

Don't care about Oscar but some of the movies are good. Great. Excellent.

hi....not mentioned but very good for cooling is "SMC fan control" an app you can set any fan speed you want...sits in your top control bar giving computers temp mine 113' and fan speed... mine 2514 rpm's.....

Did the same thing - got a new used later 2102 Mini i7 16 mg to run with my BenQ SW2700 monitor. Very happy.


Well! I didn't know it was even legal to criticize Apple. Have the laws in the US changed?

I am writing this in Safe Mode on my iMac 'cause I installed El Capitan and every single bug and defect you can find that El Capitan had/has is on mine.

I liked Macs because I don't have to mess with anti-virus and I had been able to use them without ever messing around in the registry. But with El Capitan I've been forced to start messing around with things such as p-lists and such trying to unbrick my Apple-bricked computer. Since mine just missed the date for upgrading to Sierra I am stuck until I get a new computer.

I doubt that new computer will be a Mac. Back when I got my present one, a Mac was about the same price as lower spec'd PC in Tokyo. (Hmmm...wonder why? Free trade?) Maybe that has changed now, and if so, I'll be looking for a non-Japanese brand PC (to avoid all the pre-installed junk). Gonna think different. Goodbye Apple.

Until then, I only need figure out a way to get my fine machine to start recognizing SD cards again.

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