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Thursday, 05 January 2017


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Pretty much sums it up. Where the f*** is the electronic viewfinder?

But I always have to remind myself that in the nearly 50 years that I've been using Nikons they have never been the first to bring out a new technological advance. Others would have things like autofocus before Nikon. But, when Nikon finally got around to whatever the new thing was, it would actually work. I respect them for that. I had the misfortune of working for a while with an (employer provided) Minolta with the first autofocus. You could have a cup of coffee while you waited for that dog to focus on something.

But, dammit Nikon, electronic viewfinders are pretty much proven, mature technology now. Why can't I have a real Nikon with one of those?

BTW, I posted a link to this on my Facebook page. Didn't you have a button for that for a while? And what happened to the "Like" button that was here briefly? I kinda liked the like button.

Hit the soggy pizza on the head. I wonder who REALLY owns Nikon and Canon? Is it the same people who build cranes and heavy duty earth movers? I can't imagine a group of business owners so removed from photographic reality as canikon's.

I was mildly interested until I read the word, "pentamirror" in the specs. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

With best regards,


Never mine your winding-up, some of us may hoping this isn't a joke:

I am pretty sure that you will never be able to even look at a Nikon product ever again. LOL

Never mind the (alleged) upgrade from the D5500, there's nothing in it to tempt an upgrade from my D5100.

It's one louder than the D5500.

Ektachrome is coming! Ektachrome 100 in 135mm cassettes is expected in the fourth quarter of 2017. Woo-Hoo.

If you are interested in real-retro, things are improving.

OK I like that. Snarky. Funny. True.

But it reminds me of this phenomenon I encounter with enough frequency to make me just slightly uncomfortable. It goes like this:

While loitering around the interwebs, err...tumblr, I come across a photo I quite like. One that has nice colour, composition, sharpness and good bokeh. Basically, an all-around good image. One I would like to be able to claim as my own. One that some kind soul has posted with a source link to the original (usually on flickr – the other one without an "e"). I follow thinking surely a ff Canon with an L prime. Nope. I Nikon 5X00 with the kit lens.

You know what "they" like to say: it's not the camera, it's the photographer dummy.

Hasselblad is now Chinese.

Ektachrome is back.

Nikon is still going broke.

Bakelite is the new celluloid.

The mirror frames a tired face.

Intelligence remains rare.

Creativity? Always the exquisite luxury.


OK, so that was amusing ... but you didn't have the same reaction to the X-T2 "Graphite Silver". Think of the fun you could have had with that ! "We don't just PAINT the camera, we SPIN it while we paint it."

I'll watch for confirmation and further details at New Camera News ∙~)

I had to look up jumanji. I knew about the book and movie but didn't know it was a Zulu word for "many effects". Nice. I also love the tagline.

For real innovation we may need to turn to Red Green. Red once cut two K-cars in half and duct taped the front ends together to create an all wheel drive, all wheel steering vehicle. He then duct taped the two back ends together to create a dandy, portable, garden shed. Maybe Red should work on the 5700.

What a nice start to the day to read this in the morning, well done indeed.

Well, what can a marketeer do if the engineers keep on turning out the same product again and again?

Given that, I'm quite happy that there hasn't been an announcement of an upgrade to the Panasonic LX100, thank you very much. And if there is, please don't mention it. (Even though "LX200" would be exactly one hundred more.)

Wow, so much negativity!

I'm not a Nikon user so I can honestly say that I'm not coming at this as a fanboy. But I'm surprised at the tone of the article and even more of the comments. Nikon (and Canon) make very, very good cameras, and those cameras sell in truckloads. The D5600 may not be much different from the D5300 before it - or the D5200, etc, before that - but why is that such a problem? Nikon have identified a market slot for a camera with certain characteristics at a certain price point; they've made that camera available, and they continue to provide incremental improvements while keeping the price (fairly) steady. Enough people like it to keep the camera in production. What's the problem?

To me, Nikon's approach here would seem to stand in contrast with a couple of recent posts. "I just need it for work, Mr Cook" highlights (very fairly) the impact when a new product does break with what has gone before, and "$2000 is the new $1600" is about the ever-increasing price that some camera manufacturers are charging for top-end equipment. In contrast, $697 for a camera based around the same sensor (pretty much) as is in the Sony a6500 seems like a pretty good deal to me. You can then spend all the money you've saved on glass, if you haven't already got some. (And the range of Nikon-fit lenses out there is vast....)

In fact, it would be interesting to see if critics could tell the difference, purely on sight, between a print of a shot taken with this Nikon and one taken with the Sony I mentioned.

[As you've missed the humor, Tom, I'll presume you have never luncheoned with a Ms. Minion. :-) --Mike]

This has to be one of your funniest satirical posts, Mike; at least of those I can remember.

I'd probably have a good laugh reading it even if I were a marketing or sales people. They have to know that we know they know...

After the giant leap of the last upgrade, from D5300 to D5500, we could not see this coming. It’s more than we have been dreaming of. D5550 would have been more realistic. This development comes at a price though. The introduction of the DL18-50 and DL 24-85 has been postponed for another 11 months and there are rumors that the complete Nikon 1 series is going to be sold to Guangzhou Yongli Glassware And Ceramic Co. Ltd.

Can I have some of whatever you've been smokin'? What a great post!

funniest thing i have read in a long while

Vvvv funny; still smiling.

The new D5 is only one better. Not good enough Nikon.

I guess I'm the only mirrorless using photographer who doesn't think making a technology, meaning digital mirrorless photography which has been around since the beginning of digital photography, bigger ala Sony a7 cameras, as innovation.

Nope, I'm not a fawning mirrorless boy.

Really excellent, thanks!

Thom should be proud of you Mike

"I can't imagine a group of business owners so removed from photographic reality as canikon's."

I assume this is why Canon are doing so badly, and selling nothing to anyone?

A funny post.You missed your calling! You were meant to write comedy.
(What do you think Gordon?)

My wife's D5100 still work well, mainly with the 35/1.8 lens: no doubt the 5600 is an excellent camera, not sure how much better...
Now why Nikon doesn't offer any wide angle (35 or 28 or 24 Equivalent) for their APS-C cameras?
That will make clients desiring to buy, not everybody needs an huge full frame camera...

" . . . . but you see, sometimes you need just that little bit more, so these go to '11' . . . ."

>>You were meant to write comedy. (What do you think Gordon?)

Mr. Johnston does not need me to validate his comedic talents. I burst into laughter the moment I met him. The only thing that puzzles me is why he doesn't exploit his sardonic wit more often. Perhaps he fears the wrath of some of his more humor-challenged readers.

Johnston-san, would it be that the word you were looking for was "Kaizen"?

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