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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


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Well done, Sigma! Clearly, a lot of people are interested in their lenses but I want to cheer them for their bonkers Foveon sensor cameras.

The SD Quattro is easily a contender for ugliest camera ever built but, with the 30mm f1.4 Art lens, it's capable of gorgeous image quality. Treat it as a medium format camera loaded with 100 iso slide film and you're in for a treat.

This makes you wonder if Nikon management is following the tenets of the "Kodak Manual for Adoption of New Technology"

Brand and marketing are the two biggest factors in purchasing decisions, closely followed by price.

In my case, marketing has a negative effect. I almost never buy products from 'the leading brand of...' companies. I don't know why, it's just my own prejudice, but they always seem to have been designed by a committee.

That Canon and Sony dominate mirrorless is no surprise to me, but I simply wouldn't consider buying any of their camera products. Not because there is anything wrong with them, but they just don't move me in any way at all.

Or maybe I've always like the underdog.

I shot film in Nikons for 30 years, (still have 'em) switched to Canon in 07 for the 1DsIII, which I still have along with a 5D Mk IV and some 7D's
I switched because my Nikon Rep kept telling me that FF was not necessary. My Daughter still shoots Nikons,
I completely agree that it would be a very bad thing for Canon shooters if Nikon were to disappear. There are brilliant engineers at Nikon being hamstrung by dreadful management.
I have been thinking that Nikon is one blockbuster camera away from turning it around. The D5, D500 and D810 are superb cameras. They are traditional Pro Nikons, they seem to have lost resonance everywhere else.
They have the history, the 28 & 35 Ti, or can you imagine a Digital S3 or SP? Nikon is still a profitable company, But despite all the past and current greatness, they have lost traction, and the trend is not their friend. I hope they turn it around.
I wish them well.

Those numbers are fascinating. Canon's DSLR share is more than twice Nikon's. You could put this down to Nikon's conservative approach to design and marketing in its lower to mid-level bodies, which may be true - but then we look at the mirrorless numbers, and see that Canon is winning there, too.

Sony is anything but conservative and stodgy, and yet Canon, in only its second year in the segment, already has a share exceeding Sony's. I'm guessing this is down to price, as the M3 appears to be considerably less expensive than the Sony offerings, and according to Thom the Japanese market is particularly price sensitive.

It seems safe to say that change will be slow in coming to Nikon, but I wonder how Sony will respond?

If Canon ever get serious with MILC, they will wipe the floor... actually, the initial EOS M was robust little camera, and the M5 is a great little camera.

Couple it with the zoom lenses that most folks want, and that Canon already released, there is success waiting.

It's just us photo snobs that think that you can only take great pics with fancy prime lenses:)

Not a big surprise. I see many Japanese tourists daily who are carrying an Olympus E-PL or Canon M. Mainly women. So that's half of the population. Mirrorless seems to be a female thing in Japan. This video explains a lot. Cute girl, cute lens, cute technique.



Tom Waits, "Big in Japan"

I think pros and enthusiasts forget that we are the exceptions to the rules that move the markets. I'm usually impressed with Canon's ability to find low-cost solutions that are acceptable to the masses.

Why do so many photography enthusiasts think that market-watching is so relevant to the hobby? Am I part of a minority in thinking that it has not the slightest relevance to any of the reasons I took up photography as a hobby?

[Well, what were the reasons you took up photography as a hobby? I'm not being snarky in the slightest, I would be curious to hear. --Mike]

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