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Saturday, 21 January 2017


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"I need to become a Member of the George Eastman Museum so I get notices about this kind of thing more in advance." ... there is a "sign up for e news" on their Calendar page -- scroll to bottom.

I went to finally introduce myself but it was a worthwhile talk regardless. Mostly men of a certain age in attendance ;-p

It's disconcerting to see several cameras - that I bought new - and spent many hours with now in the vintage historical exhibits.

Well, if you make it up sometime before the end of the month, make sure you stop next-doorish to the Memorial Art Gallery for the M.C. Escher exhibit. It was amazing and informative. Lot of information about his printmaking techniques. Go early, it was packed when I went.

Bad luck missing the lecture, Mike.

That book signing shot is really excellent. Three people, three different orientations doing stuff, linkage between the three, and a pleasant atmosphere. Eyes move round and round the human circle and spend time shooting off at random to pick up details from the background. A picture full of information, both rational and emotional.

Just the kind of picture I strive so hard to achieve and which so often doesn't work! :(

Cheers, Geoff

Small world! The Earl of Crawford married the daughter of the Earl of Dunbar.

I need to become a Member of the George Eastman Museum...

Tut, tut, Mike.

Two years living in the general vicinity...

Geoff: Wow, thanks! I made two exposures (is it an "exposure" if it's an iPhone shot?) and kept coming back to this one.

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