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Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Happy hols, Mike.

I just remembered I made a Christmas card much like this in 2000 when I lived in Edinburgh for a year. I found a satellite image of all of UK, mostly covered by clouds unfortunately, and put in a big arrow pointing to Edinburgh under the clouds, saying "I live here", printed it as a xmas card and gave it to all the neighbors. I still waiting for all the happy cheers and congratulations on that wonderful joke.

I followed your link to Amazon UK, but I'm afraid I've already given myself three unnecessary xmas gifts, including the Amazon Echo, so I have somebody to talk to over Christmas.

I also upgraded my iPad Mini from first generation to the newest. I really love that highly portable wonder as ereader and video machine. Much lighter than a regular iPad, but much much bigger screen than a phone.

Been there. Done that. Amazing automobiles the 911. The Boxster, Cayenne are just yuppie transports.

Quote from 'A fish called Wanda:'

And when I told him your daughters' name was Portia, he said "why'd they name her after a car?"

As a German, I can only say that you need a bit more "rrr" in your "Paw-schuh", to get a proper PoRsche. Maybe that's why the Weihnachtsmann never knew what you wanted...

Btw, Janis Joplin's pronuciation of "Porsche" in "Mercedes Benz" is quite good, just a bit too much "eee" at the end, which should be more like your "schuh".

Since not too far from you they drink cawfee, your pronunciation of Porche will do. I'm sure Santa understands either pronunciation.

Odd - although that video looks to be an official Porsche upload, it sounds like the speaker isn't a native speaker of German. Here's a better pronunciation guide: https://youtu.be/ksafvKINq5U?t=179.

I had a 911. It was fun, but I wouldn't want another one. Drove a Boxster, tiny, cramped, not enough storage for even a moderate kit.

There seem to be other models since I quit paying attention. How could they make such a boring/ugly SUV?

I have a T-shirt that says Maserati, but if Santa's listening, it's a Bentley convertible I really want. White, maybe azure, even red.

Bent Moose

Well, that Porsche video is just funny!

This is PAW-Schuh upholstery in a POR-Schuh

In the 70s you could cheap out and get leather but Pasha was the way to go.

More like "Pour-schuh," really.

As a journalist I had Porsche give me loaner 911 for a week (and GM got me the Corvette). I must say I was disappointed by the Porsche. The Corvette was more fun, but in day-to-day driving my own Miata beat both. I drove a McLaren the other day, and it's the same: no way to legally get fun out of those machines.

I'm sure every "PAW-Schuh" owner buys the "New YAWK Times".

Yeah sure, but do you say Pariss or Paree when speaking English and talking about the capital of France? Moscow or Moskva?

And the pronunciation of Mazda or Toyota?

Sure, it's a guy's name, but that's a vanity you learn to give up: almost no one here in France can pronounce my surname (Byrnes) correctly, to the extent that delivery people often re-name me "M. Graham" (pron. Graarrm).

Strangely, there doesn't seem to be any imperative to encourage saying "Folks-Vagen"...

it's not Jagwah, either.

It was much easier to pronounce Porsche when all you had to say was "nine-eleven" and everyone knew what you meant. That reference changed after 9/11/01.

Reminds me of the story of the cut-rate painters hired to paint a lady's porch. When the finished, they went to collect their payment and told her that "oh, by the way, that wasn't a porch, that was a BMW ...".

There aren't actually an infinite number of photographs of anything. Given the finite size of a photo, there's only a finite number of possible arrangements of the pixels, grains, etc. I once tried to work it out, to see if it would be possible to write a simple program to generate all possible photographs. Given typical facebook-sized uploads, say 600x400 pixels, how many combinations of 256 RGB values are there? Imagine the odd photos that would get generated if you generated every possible picture. Lord Lucan shaking hands with Elvis on the moon.

It seemed entirely practical because the number of possible photos was so easy to write down - 10^6,000,000 or something. Then I slowly realised how many protons there are in the universe and how big that number actually is.

I've been trying out the pronunciations and for the life of me I can't hear any difference between "paw" and "por" (or "poor" or "pour") all rhyme with "for" in my accent (a mix of West country Somerset and London English).

Then again, the US pronunciation is often sufficiently different to provide gotchas. For example it fascinates me how Americans pronounce the word "hover". As far as I can hear, you guys say "huvver" (similar to cover or bother). In the UK hover and cover sound completely different. Cover sounds like cuvver and hover sounds like hotter with the t replaced with v.

A linguist friend tells me that the British "o" vowel sound from hover simply doesn't exist in American. Weird how things develop.

Down Under, indigenous creation stories explain the processes that shaped the landscape, usually by events such as the meanderings of a prehistoric snake, or the throwing of an ancient boomerang.

Looking at that picture, it seems the finger lakes were the habitat of a Giant Chicken.

While falling down the Youtube rabbit hole the other day I ran into Magnus Walker. Interesting story of a Porsche guy. His interview on Jay Leno's garage made me think of you Mike. Three days later you write a post about Porsche .
If you like Porsche 911 check out the documentary about him " Urban Outlaw " a guy who knows how to say Porsche .

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