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Tuesday, 20 December 2016


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please think of us fans of yours who live in NY state and save much by buying from shops outside NY state. we only want the deal that all the non-NY state fans get when they buy at B&H or Amazon. it is time for you to add links to BuyDig/BeachCamera in NJ or Hunts in Ma or Roberts so we don't have to pay 8 1/4% more to use your links. thank you for all the enjoyment you nourish and may good fortune favor you.

I did that very thing. I went to Amazon UK via this blog and spent good money on good things. Happy Wossname!


Happy Festivus, Mike!

Reading this post makes me envy the colour blind.

Merry Christmas Mike.

Well, OK

One more item off the list.

Well, two.

Happy Holidays

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