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Saturday, 31 December 2016


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Happy new year Michael! And thanks for your writings.

Where's the 'like' button? ;)
All the best for you, Mike!

Love this photo; Happy New Year...or...Let's Hope We Get Out Of This New Year Alive.

Wishing you a tranquil and safely adventurous New Year. And heartfelt thanks for the rich chewy writing.

I agree SO very much with Steve's comment - it encapsulates exactly the message that I have just sent to my immediate family.
For the wider world - and particularly to Mike and the TOP community - I would join the wishes for good health and survival with that for 'good light' with which our " 'humble ed. " began.

Mike, Happy New Year! Thanks to you and all of the crew at TOP, you know, all those other Johnstons, for a great web site. You and my fellow readers and posters of TOP really do make my days brighter. Good light for sure!


Happy New Year Mike! And to all the TOP readers and commenters!!
We'll get through this year, just as we did the last. Just keep smiling, and see your fellow man (and woman) with love in your heart!

Happy new year. This little community you maintain really means a lot to us, so thanks.

A Happy New Year to you to! May your Patreon ranks swell, your affiliate sales soar, and Mazda decide that they need to sponsor you with a Miata RF.

A Happy New Year to you Mike and all who comment here throughout the years,long may it continue and hopefully 2017 will be a good one for TOP and all of us who like to follow your musings and well written articles.

To what John Krumm has said so succinctly, I wish to add my thanks, Mike. And Happy New Year to all those who help to keep this such an interesting place!

Nice cloud! Hope your steering feels better in 2017.

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